Gutfeld Stomps All Over Critical Race Theory, Warns of Threat to Schools and Military

Greg Gutfeld (Credit: Fox)

Greg Gutfeld took apart Critical Race Theory during his monologue last night, with a specific warning as to how quickly it seems to be infiltrating our military and our schools.


The monologue starts off with a little recognition of just how crazy Joe Biden’s weird whispering was yesterday.

Gutfeld then took on the Joint Chiefs Chairman, Gen. Mark Milley, over saying how he wants people to study Critical Race Theory and understand “white rage,” that he wants to understand what caused thousands of people to assault the Capitol and “try to overturn the Constitution.” We reported more on Milley’s remarks, where my colleague Streiff does a great dissection.

At what point did anyone determine that the riot at the Capitol had anything at all to do with race or “white rage?” What the heck does that even mean? It’s a common talking point pushed by the Democrats and liberal media. We saw House Speaker Nancy Pelosi take that to an even more insane extension, claiming the “root causes” of the Capitol riot were “white supremacy, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia.” But more concerning than the political hackery of Pelosi is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs saying something like this, not seeming to realize or care that he’s the one pushing division in the military if he is promoting CRT.


As Gutfeld noted:

“So, he wants to study CRT as if it’s something rare like a rational CNN host. But you know, there’s other stuff soldiers could be studying, like how to say “halt” in Chinese and Russian. Or detect actual threats to our country.

For example threats like a pernicious half-baked theory that divides a country into oppressors and oppressed, using nonsense terms like “White rage” that amount to a cultish, pseudoscientific indoctrination. “White rage” sounds like some sort of steamy hot latte you can get at Sheldon Whitehouse’s country club.” […]

Now, if you wanna destroy a country – the first step would be to get its military to incorporate race-based self-immolation.

Indeed. As Gutfeld points out, the folks promoting CRT, like Joy Reid and Michael Eric Dyson, can’t seem to hold back from calling out people’s race as they promote CRT. Maybe when you’re always calling out people’s race, the problem is yours? And dehumanizing MAGA supporters as “maggots?”

But perhaps the only place as bad as the military to promote such divisive and racist theory is in schools. Control the mind of the child and you control the society. The left has been working for decades to grab control of academia while most have been unaware or asleep at the switch doing nothing to stop the radical influence from taking hold in colleges and schools. So now even something this radical has gotten into the schools and parents are organizing against it, all across the country, as Gutfeld explains.


So as the media mocks critics of a theory that the media doesn’t even understand – who’s left to defend America from this scourge? The parents.

See, unlike the media — parents have something of value to lose. Something called children. Now, I’m not a fan of children. They stink, they’re loud. They get to board first on airplanes. But — you ever see how parents act when their kids are being threatened? They’re more combative than Joe Biden being told to wake up from his nap. [….]

What you’re seeing is people waking up to the woke. People rising up to fight an ideology designed to divide a country.

But in order to fight something you first have to be able to describe it, whether it’s racism or cavities. Truth is, CRT is just one beastly tentacle of White liberal supremacy. It’s all based on the idea that Black people are incapable of achieving anything on their own, so why not let the superior White liberal help you.

The c in CRT actually stands for condescension – a reoccurring theme in the Democratic Party’s platform. Voter ID is an example of this neo-racism. Woke white liberals say that Blacks can be anything – including president – yet these same Black people just can’t figure out how to get a photo ID. Something the average 17-year-old can do the moment they want to buy beer. [….]

So maybe it’s time for an educational tea party. Maybe it’s time to occupy the classroom. Let’s make our schools, and our military, CRT-free zones where students, soldiers can learn the full story of America. There are better ways to establish racial harmony, and true equality, in this country.

And if children are indeed our future, it’s time to keep the adults in charge for a bit longer, and let the parents take control.



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