Parents Organize Nationally to Push Back Against ‘Woke’ Indoctrination in the Classroom

(Richard Alan Hannon/The Advocate via AP)

A national parents group is fighting back against the hard left’s endeavor to inject more of its woke theology into America’s schools. Elana Fishbein, a Philadelphia stay-at-home mother, started the group after becoming fed up with her childrens’ school continually shoving so-called progressive ideology into their learning material.


The Epoch Times reported:

Less than a year ago, Elana Fishbein was a happy stay-at-home mother, raising her three boys in a well-off Philadelphia suburb. She’d noticed the school that two of her boys attended would push out some lessons and activities that she considered politically biased or inappropriate, but each time was able to resolve the situation by opting her children out. In June last year, however, she saw no other choice than to take action.

After the murder of George Floyd, the school began issuing “cultural proficiency” lessons. Fishbein told the Epoch Times: “My husband and I looked at the lesson plan and opened the links to the books that they included for the lesson plan and we were thoroughly horrified because they were totally racist.”

It seems evident that the school was using Floyd’s death and the widespread debate over race relations that followed as an avenue through which to further inject far-leftist propaganda into the classroom. “The school materials Fishbein examined followed what she called ‘woke’ culture—a set of quasi-Marxist ideologies that divides society into ‘oppressors’ and the ‘oppressed’ based on characteristics such as race, sex, class, or sexual proclivities,” according to The Epoch Times.

The mother opted her sons out of these particular lessons and sent a letter to the district superintendent in which she took issue with the material.

“The material selected for this indoctrination pumps their brains with LIES that puts unbearable emotional burdens on them for years to come,” she wrote, “Why must our kids feel like villains and hate themselves for something they had no control over—the color/pigmentation of their skin?!?”


Fishbein came up with the idea to form a group of parents to push back on the leftist indoctrination in schools after she expressed her opinions on social media groups and was rebuked as a racist. “I was called racist and bigoted and homophobe and whatever,” she recounted.

“I was blown away,” she added. “They won’t even discuss it. They just call you a name.”

“They were tormented. And many of them said, ‘We would like to act, but we don’t know what to do,’” she said.

After an appearance on Fox News and an article written about her situation in conservative media, Fishbein began to receive messages from other parents of children whose schools are pushing woke theology and using critical race theory to promote the oppressor/oppressed trope. She used the momentum to organize groups of parents into different chapters. The group is called No Left Turn In Education. The network filed its first lawsuit after Fishbein helped a Nevada mother named Gabrielle Clark find a lawyer.

Clark’s son attended Democracy Prep at the Agassi Campus in Las Vegas when the school began a series of lessons requiring students to “label and identify” which groups they were a part of. These groups were categorized by race, sex, religion, and family income. In addition, the lawsuit claims the teachers attached the labels of “privileged” and “oppressive” and “oppressed” to each group.

Even worse, the lessons defined the term “privilege” as “the inherent belief in the inferiority of the oppressed group. “Oppression” was characterized as “malicious or unjust treatment or exercise of power.”


Clark is a black single mother of five, and her son is multiracial. He “inherited blond hair, green eyes, and light skin from his deceased father,” according to The Epoch Times. He was the only student perceived as white in his class, meaning that he was classified as “privileged” and “oppressive.”

“All I could think of was, ‘How in the world is my son supposed to function in his life normally with his siblings and with his mother with this idea in the back of his head that he is somehow privileged and oppressing us?’ I couldn’t allow that to be the way my son felt about himself,” Clark said during an interview with the YouTube channel “The Reason We Learn.”

Clark’s son refused to participate in the classes and complete the assignments. The school failed him for his refusal, which meant that he was not allowed to graduate despite his family asking the school to let him take an alternative class. The Times reported:

In December, the family filed a suit, alleging the constitutional rights of both William and his mother were violated and that a government-funded school has no business attaching moral judgements to students based on their identities and compel them to participate in the exercise, much less to “unlearn” some of the traditional values they’ve learned at home.

No Left Turn’s objective is to educate parents on the hard left’s effort to promote Marxist thought in America’s classrooms. Fishbein refers to the group’s strategy as the four “E’s.”

She said: “We’re educating them, then we’re empowering them, then we’re engaging them, and finally, we are going to eradicate this whole thing.”


The group is pushing forward with its battle against the hard left in the educational system and could be instrumental in preventing wokeism from becoming the dominant ideology. Combined with a greater focus on local politics, influence on school boards, and putting forth competing ideas on how children should be taught about history and issues concerning race, these efforts are sure to win out if they are sustained over the long term.

It’s that last part that is most important. People who do not wish to see their kids indoctrinated must understand that the Marxist crowd always plays the long game. The battle must persist even when it is not dominating the news cycle. Otherwise, the hard left will simply wait us out and resume their efforts after the fuss has died down.


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