MSNBC Contributor Sees the Future: A Trump-Triggered 'Terrorist and Paramilitary Insurgency'

MSNBC Contributor Sees the Future: A Trump-Triggered 'Terrorist and Paramilitary Insurgency'
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Those Trump nuts may be preparing to take things up a notch.

So believes MSNBC national security analyst Malcolm Nance.

Potentially upcoming: a “terrorist and paramilitary insurgency.”

On Friday, Malcolm appeared on Sirius XM’s The Dean Obeidallah Show to discuss The Donald.

A question from the host: When will be “the greatest time of risk from Donald Trump to our nation?”

Quite the question — of all the times of risk, who could pick a standout?

Malcolm managed a mouthful.

Speaking of:

“You know, the time of risk is, when it comes to Trump and his supporters, comes more when he starts to open his mouth.”

It seems any time DJT talks, his looney listeners are liable to manifest all manner of mayhem.

But before going into that, Malcolm pegged the eccentric billionaire’s primary motivation: a cash grab, five bucks at a time.

It seems the MSNBC man’s spent ample time in the mogul’s mind:

“Trump doesn’t give two flying flips exactly what his followers think of what he’s saying. He just wants them to send him $5 donations to his new super PAC. And he understands that. You know, a fool and his money are soon parted.”

If I aptly understand, tricky Trump’s told a bunch of dumb white people they’re superior to a bunch of smart black people; cha-ching:

“And you know, again, it goes to that old Lyndon Johnson trope that if you can convince the poorest white man that he’s better than the most educated, wealthiest black man, you know, he’ll turn out his pockets inside out for you.”

Prickly POTUS 45 is quite the schticker:

“And that’s what Donald Trump’s schtick is all about.”

Perhaps never before have pundits so thoroughly known the inner thoughts of a political power player.

May you all know yourselves as well as many know Donald Trump.

“To Trump, it seems like power. Because taking power away from the Republican Party, the RNC, you know, the Republican Senate Campaign Committee and giving it to him is a sign of his ability to cheat his followers. But it’s also a sign of power — they’ll donate five bucks a month, every month, to Donald Trump personally as a man.”

Now let’s talk incitement:

“The question is, how is he going to weaponize his real political base? Well, the only way he can is the only way that he’s always done it — is to incite things. This is what the entire thesis of my book, was, and I started it last August.”

Not only does Nance know Trump; he knows tomorrow:

“He is going to incite a political insurgency.”

And as an Adult Personals massage ad once read, “This ain’t no twinkie rub.” Buckle your seat belts, sitting ducks:

“And it will lead to a terrorist and paramilitary insurgency.”

Malcolm knows just how it’s (not) gonna happen:

“[I]t’s not gonna be like he’s gonna wake up one day and say, ‘Attack the White House — it’s being defiled,’ and people are gonna come down with pitchforks and torches. No, no, it’s going to be like the way he said it: This government’s illegitimate. Their agents are illegitimate. The FBI director is a traitor. We’re gonna wake up some day, and some group is gonna carry out the plan in Michigan to take over a state house or kill a governor or assassinate congressmen.”

In the case of an individual (not a group), we already awoke to that day:

A group, of course, might be far worse.

Clearly, Malcolm’s imagining some big business.

The former United States Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer referenced America’s most deadly domestic terrorist:

“[T]he book The Turner Diaries that Timothy McVeigh lived by was exactly about this: a white supremacist uprising in America.”

Let’s all hope his vision of the future is clouded by the cataracts of #NotMyPresident.

Otherwise, 2020 was a cakewalk compared to what awaits.

For more on Malcolm, get his 2019 New York Times bestseller, The Plot to Betray America: How Team Trump Embraced Our Enemies, Compromised Our Security, and How We Can Fix It, here.



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