Chicago School District Teaches Its Teachers About White Supremacy, Including the Snow-Shoveling Kind

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Social progress is moving at the speed of light, so it’s horrendously hard to keep up.

It seems we’ve gone from the challenge of identifying white supremacy to a difficulty in discovering where it isn’t — the world appears so rife with the malady that we may as well start over.


Only we can’t.

Apropos, amid our audit of evil, new information arrives courtesy of a wealthy, Chicago school system.

As relayed by The Federalist, on February 26th, Naperville District 203 welcomed host Countywide Equity Institute for an “anti-racism” teacher training.

Among the topics, as claimed by a source who attended the seminar: a rundown on microaggressions and implicit bias, as well as recommendations of the best “equity and inclusion” methods.

Delivering the shindig’s keynote speech: Social-emotional learning researcher Dena Simmons.

And somewhere among Dena and 10 other speakers, a few surprises may have graced the group.

The outlet reports public high school teachers “were astonished to learn when they showed up for work…that everything from the color of their skin to snow shoveling indicates ‘systemic racism.'”

Dena delivered quite the dig, purportedly informing attendees that “our education is based on a foundation of whiteness.”

Furthermore, as it turns out, Americans “are spiritually murdering” students.

Dena’s been stewing over such things for a while.

In an article titled “How to Be an Antiracist Educator” published in Oct. 2019, Simmons praises The New York Times’ “1619 Project” as a “comprehensive opportunity to learn and discuss history and race with colleagues and students.” The 1619 Project claimed America is systemically racist and that all of modern society and injustices are directly linked to slavery. It has been the target of much criticism by scholars for inaccuracy.

The whistleblower said [Simmons’s] lecture was “all over the place” and “hard to follow” content-wise. Simmons reportedly said “snow removal” indicates systemic racism, presumably referencing a viral Feb. 3 column published by the Los Angeles Times in which the author condemned her Republican neighbor for plowing her driveway.


The source recalled a moment of personal confusion:

“At one point, she was talking even about how snow removal is affected by systemic racism. She totally lost me on that one. I even texted that to my [partner].”

Nonetheless, surely some believed the instruction was amazing. The event’s promotion promised as much:

“It’s almost time for an amazing day of learning in @Naperville203! So excited for our lineup, discussions, reflections, and ACTIONS that will make us better together. #BeTheSpark @brightmorningtm @DenaSimmons…”

Courtesy of another speaker at the event — Valburn Consulting Group CEO Valda Valburn — molders of young skulls full o’ mush got treated to an info slideshow.


As noted by The Daily Wire, among the listed “socially acceptable” forms of “covert white supremacy” was “Make America Great Again.”

Other manifestations:

  • Not believing experiences of [nonwhites]
  • Police murdering [nonwhites]
  • Euro-centric Curriculum
  • Assuming that good intentions are enough
  • Celebrating Columbus Day
  • The self-appointed white ally

And here’s one that surely shocked some nonwhite teachers in attendance:

  • Expecting [nonwhites] to teach white people

Valda also offered a definition for social justice:

A vision of society in which the distribution of resources and power is equitable and all members are physically and psychologically safe and secure. Social justice involves social actors who have a sense of their own agency as well as a sense of social responsibility toward and with individuals and society.

Can we do that?

As I stated at the beginning, it’s hard to keep up.

But those on the right side of history will have to.

The Federalist conveyed Dena’s stark warning for those want of wokeness:

Simmons…reportedly said that if you are not an “antiracist” you are a racist, even if you believe “you are treating people with respect.”

Hasten your pace, America.



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