TV's 'Blue Bloods' Takes a Different Side on Whether the Police Are Systemically Racist


Is America systemically racist?

Are the police?

If nearly everything in the news is to be believed, then survey says Yes.

The same goes for much being presented by entertainment TV.


Lo and behold, one show’s standing out: CBS hit Blue Bloods.

As noted by The Daily Wire, “During a time when multiple cop shows and even sitcoms are adopting Black Lives Matter sloganeering…Blue Bloods bucked that trend by choosing to side with the police for once.”

On December 4th, the popular series rolled out its “Triumph Over Trauma” episode, in which it gave a stamp of disapproval where the existence of ingrained NYPD racism is concerned.

Here’s how Newsbusters described the season premiere, featuring a beloved comedienne from your very favorite talk show:

“[T]riumph Over Trauma” sees Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) arguing with City Council Speaker Regina Thomas (Whoopi Goldberg) over ‘systemic racism and oppression’ in the police. Rather than roll over and take it like every other network show, Frank stands up for his officers and shows no fear in telling the Speaker to stop disparaging the police.

As the story unfurls, Frank continuously shoots down the notion his guys and girls are racist, or that bad apples make it through unscathed. The debate between him and Regina rages on.

Near the end, Frank even tosses around resignation. But his deputy commissioner encourages him to do differently: “Speak the unpopular or inconvenient truth.”


The show must be doing a lot right — it’s on Season 11.

The Wire observes another long-running cop show (seasons: 22) — Law & Order: SVU — is also addressing police and prejudice.

Star Ice-T explained to TMZ:

“In the season finale, I killed a black man. So now you’ve got Fin, going through the mental dilemma, like can he be a police officer in these times. And the last thing he ever wanted to do was to be a cop that shot a black man and killed him in front of his family. So, you’ll see my character go through that and question whether he can continue to be a police officer.”

Good ol’ actress Mariska Hargitay plays a part, too:

“You’re gonna see Mariska deal with the challenge of, ‘Is she racist?’ We have this ‘Karen’ situation where we pick up this black guy, but did we profile him? Was implicit bias involved? Why didn’t we question the white lady?”

Meanwhile, of course, law enforcement in the actual and fake world still isn’t getting much love.

“Defund the Police” has led to the cancellation of Live PD and 33-year-old Cops, not to mention a colossal crime surge in Minneapolis and New York.


Are the cops by and large racist? Not, at least, the ones working for Tom Selleck.

One should expect no less — he’s the magnificent Magnum P.I.

In reality, not-so-magnificent issues need to be addressed, none more so than the fact that law and order can only be maintained by forces maintaining law and order.

And if that can’t occur, it seems to me, crime will continue its climb — to the detriment of Americans of every race.



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