OUTRAGE! Woman Breaks a World Running Record, Guinness Denies Her Because She Wasn't Wearing a Dress



Personally, I’ve always believed dress codes are dumb (Hence, I’m writing this in sweat pants, a T-shirt that’s too small, and shoes I never wear in public).


Surely Jessica Anderson feels the same.

The nurse and apparently avid runner participated in last week’s London Marathon, finishing with a record time of 3.08:22 — a half-minute faster than the previous world record.

That would be, the record for a woman wearing a nurse’s uniform.

But it didn’t count, and all of you Women’s Libbers should get ready to rage against the manchine.

Guinness World Records requires any nurse vying for a chance at glory to wear their idea of a nurse’s outfit: a blue or white dress, apron, and a traditional cap.

Is Guinness operating from somewhere within World War II?

In an interview with Runner’s World magazine, Jessica highlighted the fashion fatuousness:

“I’ve certainly never seen a male nurse wearing a dress to work.”

Though, Guinness’s Record is aimed at the fairer sex, lest men dominate just as here, here, here, and here.

Being a modern woman, Jessica ran in modern nursing attire: scrubs.

The other getup sounds more like a sexy Halloween costume.

Ooh la la…

But here’s reality:


Don’t feel too bad for Jessica — she was informed of the guidelines before the race:

Still, brace for outrage from social justice warriors. A dress code is so 1984, and the patriarchy’s just trying to keep chicks in chains.

As reported by Fox, Guinness is willing to do a bit of soul searching:

Guinness World Records said on Saturday that it would review the garment policy going forward.

“Inclusiveness and respect are values that Guinness World Records holds extremely dear and while we always need to ensure we can differentiate between categories, it is quite clear that this record title and associated guidelines is long overdue a review which we will conduct as a priority in the coming days,” the group said in a statement.


Jessica’s keen on the idea:

“I’m sure Guinness World Records don’t intend to cause offense, but it would be nice if they decided to revise their criteria instead of reinforcing old gender stereotypes.”

Either way, she raised more than $3,000 for healthcare provider Barts Charity.

Congratulations to Jessica. A word of advice to her: Next time, get your running gear here.



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