The Watercooler ~ RedState Gathering Open Thread

I was a huge Rick Perry supporter in 2012. It would be worth it to me to go to the 2014 RedState Gathering if he were the only speaker there. I still support him and know he would make a fantastic president if he decides to jump in the 2016 race. But after watching Americans put the most ill-prepared incompetent man one could imagine into the White House — twice — I don’t have much confidence that they will look beyond the sound bites and mud-slinging to recognize what this country needs in a president.


As for Ann Coulter’s latest barrage of hatefulness, I can’t imagine a more inappropriate way to make a point. In the world of politics, for some reason, people feel entitled to smear anyone for anything. Wonder what she would say about Jesus if he were alive today and dared to heal Dr. Brantly of Ebola? She would manage to twist the event into something evil enough to deserve crucifixion…and probably write another book about it…(and it wouldn’t be canonized).

Someone should be posting vids soon so those of us who couldn’t be in Fort Worth this year can see what’s going on. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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