Pelosi Comes Clean: It's Fair to Ask Whether Debate Was 'Just an Episode' or If Biden 'Has a Condition'

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You have to give Nancy Pelosi credit for one thing: She is consistent. She backs the Side, no matter what; not even a president in the throes of dementia can put her off her ferocious support of any Democrat at any time, no matter how ridiculous that Democrat may be.


But even Nancy Pelosi, it seems, has a limit. On Tuesday, while speaking to MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, Mrs. Pelosi admitted that it was - only just now - fair to ask if President Biden's horrible debate performance last week was due to a condition or if he was just "having an episode."

Neither is comforting.

Pelosi joined MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Tuesday to discuss the fallout from Biden’s lackluster debate performance and the panic among Democrats about his ability to beat former President Trump in the election this fall.

“I think it’s a legitimate question to say is this an episode or is this a condition,” she said. “And so, when people ask that question [it is] legitimate.”

Pelosi, one of Biden’s biggest allies, said it is a legitimate question that should apply to both Biden and Trump. Still, she backed the president’s accomplishments during his time in time in office.

We have hammered President Biden's "accomplishments" over and over; suffice it to point to inflation, rising energy costs, the leaders of every nation hostile to the United States pointing and laughing, and a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, just to point out a few examples. But that's not the primary point the former Speaker was trying to make.

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For one thing, it's not up to Nancy Pelosi to decide what questions are legitimate. She's not the Chief of the American Legitimate Questions Police; she's an elderly woman, one of the most partisan people in the history of the republic, and frankly, it's not at all certain that all her personal web-footed fowl are arranged in a linear fashion. The questions people are asking about Joe Biden go much further than just "Was it a one-time episode, or is he senile?" While neither of those have good answers, the issue is whether Joe Biden is fit to even continue in office, much less campaign for another term. 

While there is abundant evidence that this wasn't an isolated episode but rather another example of the president's ongoing physical and mental deterioration, it's also important to note that the two options Mrs. Pelosi offers are not mutually exclusive. People in the throes of dementia have good days and bad days even as their overall condition declines. I should know - our family watched two dear aunts of mine, my Mom's sisters-in-law, slide into and eventually be laid comatose by Alzheimer's Disease. Some days they could recognize distant cousins, but on other days, they couldn't recognize their husbands of over half a century.


So, "condition" or "episode" mean the same thing: We have a president who is not fit for office and who has not been for some time.

Of course, Nancy Pelosi reverted to form in the end, leaning back into her undaunting support for the Side:

Pelosi defended Biden following the Thursday debate and emphasized that he is “attuned” to the issues when she works with him. She also shot down suggestions that Biden could be replaced by another candidate as Democrats sound the alarm about his ability to serve another term.

Nancy Pelosi is either (again) whistling past the graveyard, or her elevator no longer goes all the way to the top floor. The Democrats are facing a knockout in November if they keep Joe Biden on the ticket; they are likely facing a loss no matter who ends up as their candidate. But this is more important than an election. This is a matter of national security; the most powerful nation on the planet has nobody at the wheel. Nancy Pelosi and her brand of rabid partisanship present a danger to the safety of the United States.


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