Politico Drops Another Bomb on Biden: 'People Are Scared 'S******s of Him' in Briefings

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The old axiom, "When it rains, it pours," doesn't come anywhere close to the last six days of embattled President Joe Biden and his (at least) equally embattled wife, pretend-Dr. Jill Biden.


First, if there has been a more disastrous U.S. presidential debate performance in history than Biden's Thursday night fiasco on CNN, I am unaware of it. After dazed and confused Joe's catastrophic meltdown, his inner-circle aides absurdly attempted to blame his debate prep team. 

Next up, the White House released a short, hastily-created speech on Friday in a desperate attempt to put out the debate dumpster fire. Yeah, no; it made things even worse, with Biden bizarrely looking like a Halloween jack-o-lantern.

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Then things got even worse.

Vogue magazine released its July issue with a heavily air-brushed First Lady on the cover, but the accompanying quote only made things worse: "We will decide our own future." Translation: "I will decide our own future," no doubt meant the narcissist in chief.

Not "we will be having conversations with others over the coming weeks or month, and then make the best decision for our country." The woman has absolutely no shame.

Then, even worse.

CNN host Jake Tapper, who cost-hosted the Thursday debate debacle with colleague Dana Bash, tore into Team Biden and Democrat Party officials on Monday night for continuing to try to gaslight voters into believing Biden's fine. 

There is a discernable pattern of Democrat officials seemingly trying to convince you, the public, to not believe what you saw and what you heard with your eyes and with your ears on Thursday night.
Tapper then played a clip of Biden mumbling and bumbling through an incoherent response to what I believe led to Donald Trump's best of the night: "I really don't really know what he said at the end of that sentence  and I don't think he knows what he said, either."

Tapper then went back to forcefully hammering Biden and the White House. 
Democratic officials have tried to spin this in many ways. They've said President Biden just had a cold. They've said it was just one off-night .... but behind the scenes, make no mistake. Most Democratic officials witnessed the same shocking spectacle that you did. The difficulty that the presumptive Democratic nominee — the current president of the United States — had just articulated his basic thoughts during the 90 minutes of the debate.

For Jake Tapper to make those observations — the same Jake Tapper who has compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler multiple times, it's not looking good on Planet Biden anymore, and I'm talking about on the left.

OK, I saved the best for last.

Politico, not exactly a conservative site, ran a disastrous article on Tuesday in which it not only dropped yet another Biden bomb, but the "left-leaning" site also said, "We've [liberal media and Democrats] all enabled the situation." 


The article was as brutal as the headline suggested.

[I]nside the White House, Biden’s growing limitations were becoming apparent long before his meltdown in last week’s debate, with the senior team’s management of the president growing more strictly controlled as his term has gone on. During meetings with aides who are putting together formal briefings they’ll deliver to Biden, some senior officials have at times gone to great lengths to curate the information being presented in an effort to avoid provoking a negative reaction.

“It’s like, ‘You can’t include that, that will set him off,’ or ‘Put that in, he likes that,’” said one senior administration official. “It’s a Rorschach test, not a briefing. Because he is not a pleasant person to be around when he’s being briefed. It’s very difficult, and people are scared shitless of him.” 

The official said, “He doesn’t take advice from anyone other than those few top aides, and it becomes a perfect storm because he just gets more and more isolated from their efforts to control it.”

The debate, however, was so dismal for Biden that nobody could ignore it. For as furiously as Biden’s advisers have pushed back on concerns about his age, the now 81-year-old president’s halting, soft-spoken and scattered responses to former President Donald Trump, 78, shattered the party’s magical thinking on the subject. 

That the president’s difficulties came as such a shock was largely the result of how effectively his top aides and the White House on the whole has, for three and a half years, kept him in a cocoon — far away from cameras, questions and more intense public scrutiny.


Joe Biden might not yet be a dead man walking, yet, but somebody should probably tell "Dr." Jill to prepare for the inevitable. I'm sure clueless Joe will be fine, whatever the outcome. 


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