Funding Hatred: Daughter of 'Palestine Chronicles' Editor Works for Group Accused of Assisting Hamas

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Sir Walter Scott said it best: "O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

Nowhere is that truer than in the witch's brew of "media" outlets that combine leftist politics with pro-Hamas activism. In the latest example of this, we learn today that the daughter of Palestine Chronicle editor-in-chief Ramzy Baroud, one Zarefah Baroud, works for a notorious anti-Israel publication, American Muslims for Palestine. The Palestine Chronicle, remember, is the publication that employed "journalist" Abdallah Aljamal, who held Israeli hostages in his home in Gaza and whose birth certificate was permanently revoked by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the course of rescuing those hostages.


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American Muslims for Palestine is now the subject of a lawsuit by the families of October 7th terror attack victims, claiming that the group has provided "substantial assistance to Hamas."

The daughter of Palestine Chronicle editor in chief Ramzy Baroud works for American Muslims for Palestine, a leading anti-Israel group that has defended Hamas terrorism and spearheaded anti-Semitic campus protests—activism that prompted Israeli terror victims to sue the group for providing "substantial assistance to Hamas."

The Palestine Chronicle, a little-known nonprofit based in Washington state, was thrust into the spotlight this week after Israel revealed that one of its writers, Abdallah Aljamal, held hostages on Hamas’s behalf. Its editor in chief, Baroud, is a U.S.-based writer who defended Hamas in the wake of Oct. 7 and worked for the Qatari-funded Al Jazeera outlet. He also has bylines on two Iranian regime-controlled websites that the U.S. government says were run by Tehran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, the Washington Free Beacon first reported Monday.

Baroud's daughter has followed in those pro-Hamas footsteps, a Free Beacon analysis found.

As stated above, this is a tangled web, and it takes a little unpacking. First, Zarefah Baroud's employment:

Zarefah Baroud works as a digital media associate for American Muslims for Palestine, a leading anti-Israel group. Its executive director, Osama Abuirshaid, visited anti-Israel encampments at Columbia University and George Washington University to encourage participants, while its founder and chairman, University of California, Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, has argued that it's "about time we had an intifada in this country" and called for Israel's dismantling.


So this is a person who works for an organization that is calling for not only the destruction of Israel — that's what "intifada" means — but also for a violent revolution, an Islamic revolution as in Iran in 1979, right here in the United States. There is no other way one can interpret that. So we have the daughter of a man who worked for a supposed media outlet that is promoting an outright attempt to overthrow the governments of Israel and the United States, a member of which was actually holding Israeli civilians hostage in his home and, therefore, by definition, a war criminal. She also either has little or no idea what is actually going on in the Middle East, or she does know and is lying.

"I had never had the honour to visit my homeland, Palestine, due to the brutal Israeli military occupation, and in the context of Gaza, the illegal Israeli siege, which deny our right of return," she wrote. In another Al Jazeera piece from 2021, Baroud asked, "When will Israel stop torturing Palestinian prisoners?"

Israel is not torturing any Palestinian prisoners. This is false. There is no Israeli military occupation. Israel has an elected representative government, one in which Israeli Arab Muslims can vote, hold office, and have precisely the same rights as Jewish Israelis. Israel did not conquer the land it includes; the United Nations established the boundaries of what is now Israel after the Second World War, and Israel was admitted into the UN as a full member nation in 1949, in large part because it was always the homeland of the Jewish people, which was in Roman times called "Judea."


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Here's the onion:

With the Palestine Chronicle—and the Baroud family—now facing scrutiny on Capitol Hill, it is likely that lawmakers will begin to trace the funding sources and individuals who help keep these anti-Israel networks alive in the United States.

The Washington Examiner reported last year that many of these groups raise funds by relying on a so-called dark money loophole that obfuscates funding channels and ties to potential terrorist groups abroad. One watchdog group, the Zachor Legal Institute, informed Congress last year that the funding loophole "appears to allow Palestinian terrorist groups to fundraise in the U.S. through unofficial proxies," according to the Examiner.

This certainly appears to be a web of supposed media outlets and fundraising arms that are providing support for Islamic terror organizations, including Hamas, the perpetrators of one of the most heinous massacres in modern times. Hamas has committed war crimes in carload lots: targeting civilians, using rape as a terror tactic, taking civilians hostage, and holding prisoners in private homes. 

That's what the Palestine Chronicle is supporting. That's what American Muslims for Palestine are supporting. That's what they are very likely raising money for. It remains to be seen what, if anything, will arise from any congressional investigation. Still, one thing we can see very clearly is that the enemy is here, among us, and they intend to bring down the republic and replace it with an Iranian-style Islamic state. They have said so. We should take them at their word.




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