This Is Israel: Half Jewish, Half Arab-Muslim Swimmer to Represent Israel in the Olympics

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There are a lot of anti-Israel folks out there, for many inexplicable reasons. The anti-Israel forces and their useful idiots crow about how Israel is committing genocide in Gaza (they aren't) and how Israel is the next coming of the Third Reich (it isn't).


But one of the most ridiculous claims is that Israel is an apartheid state. If Israel is an apartheid state, then it's the worst apartheid state that ever apartheid-stated, and as proof, one needs no look no further than Adam Mara'ana.

Adam Mara’ana is half-Jewish, half-Arab Muslim and all heart. 

Next month, the lights-out gorgeous citizen of Israel is set to represent the Jewish state in the pool as a member of the Israeli Olympic swimming team, traveling to Paris to compete in the 100-meter backstroke event.

At the tender age of 20, Adam is more than an athlete. He is living proof that the country of his birth is nothing like the evil caricature portrayed in the international leftist media and slandered on college campuses near and far.

Just don’t call him a hero. In the state of Israel, his story isn’t anything special.

This is the real Israel. And no, his story (except for the Olympic athlete part) isn't unusual — in Israel.

“My mother is Jewish, I served in the army, studied Torah, celebrated bar mitzvah, and my father is an Arab Muslim,” he said matter-of-factly in a recent interview.

“I’m very proud of it and he’s very proud of me.”

It doesn’t get much attention, but Jews and Muslims live peaceably in the tiny country.


They live peacefully, yes, and with all parties enjoying all the benefits of citizenship.

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The truth is that Israel is not at all like the ridiculous caricature portrayed by anti-semitic nitwits.

In Israel, Muslims, Jews, Christians, indeed anyone, can all be citizens. They can all vote, serve in the Knesset (Israel's Parliament), serve in the military, live where they choose, work at what they choose, and open businesses the same as anyone else. Israel is, yes, predominantly Jewish in its population, and the language of Israel is Hebrew, although Arabic, Russian, and Yiddish are also spoken; Arabic because some Arabs have always lived in the region, and Russian and Yiddish as the result of Jewish immigration to Israel from Eastern Europe post-World War II. Out of 9.8 million Israeli citizens, roughly 7.2 million are Jews, two million are Arabs, with about half a million "others" in the country.

All enjoy the same rights, privileges, and freedoms. That's not an apartheid state; that's a modern, developed, and, yes, diverse first-world nation, and anyone who says otherwise is either catastrophically ill-informed or peddling horse squeeze.


Adam Mara'ana sure seems to be a summation of what is best in Israeli society, boiled down into one handsome, grinning chunk of an Olympic athlete. To Adam Mara'ana, we can only say, "Good luck in the Olympics, and do your country proud! Your parents, we feel certain, already are proud."

This is the real Israel, folks. This is what it's like. This is the country that savages from Hamas attacked. This is the country that is battling an implacable evil while bending every effort to target only the bad guys. What they have is worth fighting for, and we can expect them to finish the job, regardless of what the pearl-clutchers at the United Nations may think.



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