Trump Appears in a Swedish Steak

Fulton County Sheriff's Department.

It seems like President Donald Trump is showing up everywhere these days, and that's understandable, given the current GOP primary campaign cycle and the former President's ongoing legal battles. But now, in what may be the strangest appearance of the primary season, President Trump has shown up in Sweden.


In the form of a steak.

Hail to the beef?

A Swedish man was shocked when he fired a steak on the grill — and saw former President Trump’s mug staring back at him.

The hunk of meat bears a somewhat uncanny resemblance to Trump’s signature blond bouffant and pouting lips.

“I realized the steak looked like Trump when I put it on the grill and started seasoning it with pepper,” Sten Flygare told Kennedy News and Media

“It was looking at me, and I thought, ‘What the hell? It’s Trump.'”

It doesn't really look like any member of the Trump family, much less the President. But someone is leaning in hard on that fifteen minutes of fame:

Following his unmisteakable discovery, Flygare snapped a pic with his phone.

He sent it to his sons, who had a cow.

In the end, Flygare and his guests ended up eating the steak, enjoying a piece of the former prez.

Nobody from Trump Steaks was available for comment.

Here's the thing: The human brain, our brains, yours and mine, are basically big pattern-recognition engines. That's a basic adaptation for survival. That's why our ancestors were good at picking out the shape of a ripe mango in a tree or a delicious, high-protein antelope on the savanna. That is why people see Jesus in tortillas or UFOs in lens flares. When we see something, our brain tries to fit it into a category we understand, and when we see something a bit odd, sometimes it gives us odd results; our brains can sort of fill in the gaps, as it were. In this case, for whatever reason, Mr. Flygare's brain filled up the rather odd-looking steak into the shape of an American President. That, one has to admit, is a new one.


Sten Flygare isn't content to allow people's brains to fill in any gaps. He is determined to hammer this comparison home.

“We ate the well-grilled steak and made the occasional comment and laughed about it,” Flygare told Kennedy News. “It tasted very good actually.”

On Tuesday, Flygare decided to share a photo of the presidential meat to his Facebook page, racking up over 1,000 likes, shares and comments.

“The massive comb over its perfect!” one person exclaimed. 

Another agreed, typing, “It’s got the tiny butthole mouth and everything.”

OK, we get it, Mr. Flygare. You're not a fan of President Trump, and neither are your friends. But bear in mind that you're not an American and that President Trump is, and no matter what anyone thinks of him, our political opinions (should) stop at the shoreline. So I'd advise you to cease with the bull, and caution you that if you have a beef with Mr. Trump, you have a beef with America! And if you don't think we have a bone to pick with you over this udderly silly comparison, well, then you'd better hoof it on back to your herd, because we are not a-moo-sed. It's probably pasture bedtime in any case.


At least the steak was eaten and not, say, put up on eBay or whatever the Swedish equivalent is. Seeing a purported image of a former President treated as a cash cow is just too much.


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