Take Off That Offensive T-Shirt Right Now!

Take Off That Offensive T-Shirt Right Now!

Maybe it’s just the “mom” in me, but I can’t be the only one who, when I see someone wearing inappropriate words on a T-shirt have to restrain myself from grabbing them by the crew neck and shouting, “what the heck are you thinking?”

Parents who dress their infant daughters in “juicy” onesies? Youth with racist phrases on their sweat pants?  Young women with provocative invitations on their tank tops? I’ve seen it all and with great effort I force myself to M.Y.O.B.

(Even though it’s obvious from the number of MAGA hat wearers who have been accosted by progressives Minding Y.O.B. isn’t universally followed any longer.)

Still, this cartoon is my domain and in it I get to scream,


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