Speaker Johnson: 'There Is a Difference' in Biden's Cognitive Acumen From a Couple of Years Ago

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On Wednesday, when Mike Johnson of Louisiana was voted in as the newly crowned Speaker of the House, there was a lot of interest in who this gentleman is and how he thinks.


Of course, the progressive left is desperate to paint him as an anti-abortion zealot who will not only take away women's right to choose an abortion at any time up until birth, but also will abolish the 19th Amendment for them to vote and possibly also, for them be allowed to drive. That is all nonsense, but that's not going to prevent the kids at MSNBC from trying to weave a really scary story just days before Halloween.

We have had a number of stories trying to get you -- the loyal RedState reader -- up to speed with who this gent is. One of the latest was just posted a few hours ago about Speaker Johnson's view of alleged corruption by the President and his family by my colleague  Bonchie, in a piece called Newly-Minted Speaker Mike Johnson Lays Into Joe Biden's Lies and Corruption.

From that article...

The president's story regarding his knowledge of his son's business dealings has dramatically changed over the last year. As far back as 2020, he was insisting that he had not ever spoken to his son about business nor that anyone in his family had taken money from China. Of course, that was always contradictory. How could he know what money his family had made from China if he had no knowledge of the dealings in the first place? Ultimately, both claims were proven false.  

So the question Johnson and most intellectually honest people are asking is why Biden lied. Why continually repeat a falsehood that he had no knowledge of the business dealings if they were all above board? The most logical answer is that they weren't all above board. Why did Biden appear on business phone calls at least 20 times? Why did he receive a $200,000 check from his brother as a "loan repayment" when there's no evidence such a loan ever existed? There are many other connections as well. 

In his comments, Johnson also specifically mentioned bribery as a possible impeachment charge. 

Johnson said he believes there is "an overwhelming amount of evidence, and that seems to indicate that he was involved and that they did know about this, and that the family did benefit from it." 

"I think we might be arguing about high crimes and misdemeanors, but I’m not so certain bribery is not involved in some way here, either," Johnson said. "And of course, bribery is specifically listed in the Constitution, and so we have an obligation to pursue it."


Well, Johnson is certainly making some good first moves and creating some political waves.

He made some more in some tweets posted yesterday by Fox News Senior Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram.

Let me highlight the part that should make everyone take a step back and say, WOW.

 Johnson says he sees a cognitive decline in Biden, and says “there’s a difference” in Biden now, "compared to a few years [ago]."


One of my favorite observances with people in Washington or pretty much anywhere, is that if they're so young and so new that they don't know where the bathrooms are yet. Now at 51 years of age and having been an elected official since 2017, Johnson has some experience of being around Washington, D.C., and he definitely knows where the bathrooms are.

He has met with President Biden within the past couple of years at various functions and can say definitively, that with his meeting with the President the other day, he saw a decline in his mental capabilities. That is going to be ringing the bell behind the scenes in official Washington. This is something that Kevin McCarthy might have said on the background only, and would deny it if anyone ever said that they heard he had told a report of this directly. That Speaker Johnson feels absolutely comfortable in his new role, to be able to say that the head of the Executive Branch is slipping, is a brave and bold statement that I'm sure the base should be very pleased with.


I know I am.

I think it's been pretty clear for the past two years that Biden has slipped a couple of cogs, and he wasn't very high up on the ladder with his mental abilities to begin with.

 As I've stated a number of times, Biden was always well-liked in Washington but he was never given the title of 10th smartest person in a room of nine. He was a well-known liar while he was a Senator and was prone to dramatic outbursts like we see during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.

However, it was a low bar where he already was; now, he frequently trips across it, as often as he trips up the stairs or walks across a platform and tumbles down.

This is just another small reason why I truly hope that the base gives Johnson a chance, even though he won't be able to fulfill some of the objectives that Matt Gaetz used to remove Kevin McCarthy which I covered right here.

Get Ready to Hate the New Speaker, Part II — Even Though You Really Shouldn't

Anyone who is willing to speak an obvious truth, which would be like spreading holy water on the commentators at MSNBC if uttered, needs to be given a chance to put his mark down on the Speakership.

I hope the GOP conference and the voters do the same.



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