Trump Winning in 2024 Could Lead to Tearing Country Apart, According to GOP Pollster Frank Luntz

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Just a lazy, last full Saturday of the month of June and not much really happening today.

Except for Joe and Hunter hopping on Marine One to go to Camp David to discuss new allegations that were revealed earlier this week. Also, that whole coup that almost happened in Russia, where Putin was set to take up an early retirement plan but somehow he averted it at the last minute.


The Russia story, in particular, has had more twists in it than a roller coaster—and I have whiplash at how fast this story moved as covered here: Russian Coup Shocker: PMC Wagner Leader Suddenly Calls off March to Moscow.

Over the last 24 hours, Russia has been facing a mutiny by one of its most trusted fighting forces. The infamous PMC Wagner group, led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, left the fighting in Ukraine and began a march toward Moscow in an apparent attempted coup.

RedState has provided several updates on the progress (see here and here), but after crossing into Moscow Oblast, just a few hours from the capital, there’s been a sudden turn of events.

According to an audio recording from Prigozhin, the march is now off and Wagner forces are returning to their field camps “according to the plan.”

There are way too many questions here to make any real determination as to what this means. It’s highly unlikely that PMC Wagner is making this move without getting something in return. What did Putin promise them to get them to turn around? Has Prigozhin, who was facing arrest prior to this, bought himself some kind of reprieve?

With all of that going on I was almost surprised to read that former GOP pollster superstar (now shunned by most of the GOP base) Frank Luntz, is worried about this country being torn asunder. Of course, not by any of the Biden or Democrat scandals, just by the possibility of Donald Trump becoming the 47th President of the United States.


He vented right here about it, and I almost had trouble taking a nap after reading his concerns.


“I now have to acknowledge that it is a distinct possibility that Donald Trump could be elected president – I did not believe that one year ago,” Luntz told [The Sydney Morning Herald’s Latika] Bourke. In the interview, published Monday, Luntz argued that Trump’s domestic opponents and the way the court cases against him have been handled have dealt Trump back in and given him a real shot at winning another general election.

“I did not believe that the search of Mar-a-Lago would be handled so badly, I did not believe that the indictment of him in New York would be handled so badly,” Luntz argued….

Luntz could not and would not stop there.

Luntz then explained to Bourke that Trump’s positioning in the 2024 race is an existential threat to U.S. democracy and even went so far as to quantify the odds of the U.S. breaking apart.

Frank’s main concern is that he now sees a pathway, albeit slim, for Trump to not only win the nomination but to win the election to regain the Presidency in 2024. Back in the good ole days of 2021, Frank was incredibly confident that there was no way in Hades that Trump could regain the Oval Office. However, now Luntz is having night sweats, as he projects the odds to at least 15 percent that the Donald could be sworn in on January 20th, 2025.


Quite frankly the way that Joe Biden and the Democrats are handling everything nationally, you could probably run Ronald Reagan in his current condition against Joe Biden—and 70 percent of Americans would think it’s a vast improvement.

This is one of the reasons why my colleague Scott Hounsell has been saying for months now, on the RedState VIP Chat, that the Democrats are going to slow roll Ole Joe out before the primaries. (BTW, if you are NOT a VIP subscriber you can save 50% today by using the code SAVEAMERICA and never miss a show where the woke censors can ban us.)

So, when will Frank reveal if he has the same fear that the country will be torn apart, if Joe Biden and the Democrats are not held accountable? Your guess is probably as good as mine, and I know I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

Now, I know I’m not a fan of everything that Donald Trump does but I don’t live in the perpetual fear that the orange man is going to tear the country apart. I think the people who are willing to look the other way at everything that Hunter Biden is doing, and shrug it off because the big guy and the little guy both have D’s after their names, are more of a danger to the Republic.


Maybe Frank will come around to that common sense thinking, before he gives himself a heart attack worrying about Donald Trump getting close to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue again as POTUS.


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