Biden and Hunter on Marine One in the Middle of Scandal Sets Internet Ablaze

AP Photo/Hiro Komae

You would think that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden might be a little embarrassed about all that has been revealed in the allegations against them.

Even the regular liberal media has now been forced to cover some of it; they can’t ignore it anymore.


IRS whistleblowers have revealed how the investigation was stymied, even with investigators not being able to interview members of the Biden family in order to investigate Hunter Biden’s alleged tax crimes.

Reporters peppered both National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre with questions, including how this contradicts Joe Biden and KJP’s prior claims that he never talked with his son about his business dealings. Kirby refused to answer and fled the room, while KJP snapped at reporters and deflected.

Yet, the Bidens showed they have no shame, with Joe Biden even inviting Hunter to the state dinner for the Indian Prime Minister (and inviting Attorney General Merrick Garland to the same event), after the U.S. Attorney in Delaware cut a sweetheart plea agreement with Hunter Biden. As we reported, Hunter was glad-handing around the event with people who hugged him and kissed him, who equally had no shame sucking up to him.

If you didn’t think Joe was flaunting his errant son in our faces at the state dinner, he made it apparent when he took off for his typical weekend vacation. Joe showed he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, having Hunter accompany him to Camp David aboard the Marine One helicopter.


Now, you also might expect that Joe Biden would be huddled with his advisers in the middle of all the chaos in Russia, thinking about what to do if things truly go south, or how they will deal with the various events that might occur. But instead, it’s Hunter who’s boarding the helicopter with him. So, that tells you right there what Joe’s priorities are.

Three guesses as to what they are going to be discussing this weekend. I’m thinking that it’s going to be more about Hunter and less about Russia, with them talking about what the IRS whistleblowers have revealed and what associates like Devon Archer — who is going to be talking to the House Oversight Committee — might say about their dealings. So nice they can fly on their dime to a taxpayer-funded facility.

People were not shy about weighing in on what they think. Many speculated on what Hunter had in his bags.

Some even asked if he was still living in California anymore or if he was now staying with Daddy.


Meanwhile, as they spend the weekend at Camp David, doing whatever they might be doing, it’s Jill Biden who is going out and campaigning for her husband for 2024. They don’t have to put Joe Biden out there to gaffe or be incoherent. That’s likely to be how they handle a lot of the campaign — doing their best to hide Joe and Hunter, and putting Jill out there.

But even with the plea deal, the walls seem to crumbling around them, as more is revealed about the scandal. More people keep coming forward, and I don’t think they can hold off even more from coming out.


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