Detroit Reporter Calls for the Trump Investigation Treatment of Michigan's Gov Whitmer

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I imagine that right about now, newly re-elected Governor Gretchen Whitmer has had enough of Detroit News columnist Charlie LeDuff. She has just under four years left of her second and final term, and this is how LeDuff is going to treat her to kick off into the sunset—by comparing her to the about-to-be-indicted Donald Trump.



If you have read my posts here at RedState in the past, you might have caught me commenting on some of the original reporting that LeDuff has done, not only here in the state of Michigan but around the country. One of his critical pieces of work was uncovering what in the hell was going on here in the state during COVID involving the nursing homes, which I covered right here with this piece from 2021. Report: Michigan Nursing Home COVID Deaths Could Be Underreported by 40% or Higher.

Now LeDuff has made an interesting link between the legal troubles of former President Trump and the ignoring of possible law-breaking of Governor Whitmer. From The Detroit News

Which brings me to the double standard. Remember Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her infamous airplane ride? Two years ago, Gretch convinced some local businessman — in the height of the pandemic — to let her fly unvaxxed on his private jet to Florida to visit her sick father. Never mind that Michigan had a death rate 250% higher than Florida, and the governor told us not to go.

She never offered to reimburse the businessmen until I caught her. Then, two months later, Whitmer’s camp claimed to the IRS that it was a charity trip paid for by her 501c(4) — the type of slush fund that helped send Kwame Kilpatrick to prison.

When that was exposed as being illegal, Whitmer’s handlers foisted the cost of the jet onto her campaign fund, claiming it was part of doing business as governor.

Then we started digging some more. And wouldn’t you know it, more covert plane rides emerged from the fog of Whitmer’s political financial swamp. The cost of those trips, too, was funneled to the campaign account. It doesn’t appear that Whitmer was ever going to pay for her free plane rides, an apparent violation of state campaign laws and the public’s trust.

See the parallels? State filings. Federal filings. Campaign accounts. Funny money.


If I were LeDuff, I would seriously be checking under my car each morning before I started it.

The intrepid reporter and opinion writer from the Detroit News was also the person to break the story on Whitmer’s spring break trip—also while she had the state under lockdown So, LeDuff was easily able to make this comparison. He reported on that story and many others during his show No B.S. NewsHour With Charlie LeDuff.” He does quick hit videos that are entertaining and informative, which is why he is effective and pisses people like the Guv and her staff off.

Here is the kicker: he admitted a while back that he voted for Whitmer back in 2018. But he is one of these rare reporters who do things like REPORT what those in government are doing to us in the name of doing things for us.

He should win a Pulitzer on that basis alone, every year.

That anyone could create a legal link from Fauci fangirl Gretchen Whitmer to the soon-to-be indicted former President, and have the reporting to at least make the conversation possible, in this day and age, is amazing. You may not agree with the examples but it sure does seem that if you have a D after your name, you get a pass in today’s super hyper-political gotcha game.


If you do not believe me with that, I think I just need to say Hunter Biden and then say good night, to put that opposition to rest.

Now, I will fully admit that I truly believe the state of Michigan is lost. I have written and argued here several times that this is a deep blue state, and now that the Michigan GOP has been set on fire by its newly elected leaders, I see no hope to turn the state around. I predict more and more people will leave. I don’t say that with any joy, but sadness because I believe the writing is on the wall—and there’s no way to turn it around in the current environment.

However, I do thank God that there are people like Charlie LeDuff who are still willing to do something that used to be considered one of the most vital acts in the American Republic.

Do some actual reporting and chase a story down, no matter where it leads.

While he does that, though, I still would suggest he checks under his car every day.

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