LeBron James Refuses to Pay to Keep His Twitter Blue Check Mark and That Is Funny

H. Rumph Jr

LeBron James is one of my favorite follows on Twitter, and he is about to become non-verified with his account’s blue check mark removed. However, I know I will be able to tell it is truly him because no one has that unique point of view that he has, which can be summed up in one word.



More on that in a minute.

NBA Superstar and non-G.O.A.T. LeBron went to Twitter earlier on Friday to offer his two cents on the new Twitter rule that Elon Musk is about to implement: charging for a blue check mark.

Here is what he opined.

From the Insider

On the eve of the next era of Twitter, LeBron James is taking a stand.

According to Elon Musk, Twitter plans to retire legacy verified accounts this week, meaning that the only people who will hold onto their blue checkmarks are those that elect to pay for Twitter Blue.

As Twitter has been a free website for the entirety of its existence (save for the mental toll it takes on its users), many tweeters have sworn against paying a monthly subscription in exchange for a blue check that has lost any of the value it used to hold.

On Friday, James counted himself amongst them.

Welp guess my blue checkmark will be gone soon cause if you know me I ain’t paying the 5.

I think it is actually 8 dollars a month, Kobe wannabe, but I’m not sure exactly, being I have not checked out the rules to get one of those sweet, blue check marks yet.

Now, this is just the latest example of a leftist pus bag oozing on social media with pre-approved talking points against Elon Musk, since Musk purchased Twitter and is trying to make it a viable business. I don’t blame LeBron for just regurgitating these things, being his main job is to win games for the Los Angeles Lakers and try to win championships. He doesn’t do a very good job with that.


So why should I add the heavier expectation that he would understand simple principles like free speech and how businesses make money, when he has made a lot of dough playing a kid’s game? God bless that he has, and I don’t begrudge anybody for getting paid millions of dollars for playing a sport, But I also don’t take their criticism of anything too seriously—unless they’re talking about socks or shoes.

Even then, I hesitate because you know they are getting endorsement dollars for the recommendation.

Now, if anyone knows LeBron from his Twitter posts, they know that he loves criticizing the United States, which is his God-given right as a citizen. But he always seems to not criticize China, since the NBA is trying to get a foothold in that communist country.

LeBron James Finds a New Way to Criticize the United States, While Remaining Quiet About China

LeBron will criticize the country that gives him the freedom to criticize her instead of totalitarian countries like China. He seems to have a say about everything, whether it’s a horrible mass shooting, politicians, legislation, the police, and protests, but not the riots, not the death of 17-year-old Ethan Liming that took place in LeBron’s “I Promise School” in Akron, Ohio, and of course, no comment about China and the forced labor in Xinjiang.

James picks and chooses too often on what to speak up about and what to stay quiet about. He should stay consistent. If he is going to talk about an atrocious mass shooting in America, he should speak about the atrocious incident in his school in Akron, Ohio; if he doesn’t, it’s evident that he is one of the biggest hypocrites there is. America also gives him the opportunity to pick and choose what he speaks up about, as opposed to other countries that do not allow any criticism aimed at the government or the country itself.


Now, I was going to make this point on Twitter but I noticed someone else did already. So I just left it alone.

I don’t expect much from athletes, in much the same way I do not expect much from Joe Biden. I truly hope they get up each day, and they and their families are not stuck in a gulag in China doing menial labor to make shoes for Nike to sell with rich NBA types’ endorsements.

I won’t be as crass as some that say SHUT UP and DRIBBLE, being I would prefer that everyone be allowed to speak. Then I can determine who is an oozing liberal puss bag—whom I should mock—and who isn’t. However, I’m glad LeBron once again let me know that he will never be the Greatest Of All Time for either his day job of playing hoops or for throwing disses on Twitter that miss the mark, just like his NBA Final appearances.

I find that to be so amusing that I might pick up the slack of Queen James and get one of those blue check marks today. Mostly because I love free speech and won’t be bowing to China anytime soon.

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