Chuck Schumer Is a Bit Mad at Tucker Carlson Over the J6 Video Release Last Night

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You know, there are few things that make me happy err…more upset, than when a camera-chasing politician goes to the floor of the Senate or House floor and bares their cold rotten soul for all to see. Most of these folks are just wanna-be actors and you can just hear in their voices and facial reactions how many times they have practiced the lines they deliver and they still do it badly.


Let’s take Sen. Chuck Schumer from the rapidly declining State of New York, for example. He watched in HORROR as Tucker Carlson went on his show last night and released some of the Jan. 6th videos that the American public has not yet seen.

My colleague, Nick Arama, covered this last night right here: Tucker Releases Clips That Blow up the Jan. 6 Narrative…

Tucker also dealt with the continuing media lie that police officers were killed that day by rioters. Joe Biden himself has repeated this lie. Many Democrats and media continue to tell this lie to this day, generally including Officer Brian Sicknick.

Media told the lie for months before the NY Times and some of the others pulled back the lie that Sicknick had been killed that day. I reported on Jan. 10, 2021, that the cause of Sicknick’s death might not be what the media was reporting, that it may have been a result of a medical condition. Indeed there was nothing to support that he had been beaten with a fire extinguisher, as they claimed. As we reported back on Feb. 5, while liberal media was still spreading a false story, family reports indicated that he suffered from a stroke and died the following day, not during the riot.

Carlson showed a video of Sicknick inside the building and he said they had evidence that the Jan. 6 Committee had seen it so they knew he appeared in good condition after the rioting outside the building. Yet they did not release this video that would have shown that because it would have put a crimp in their “deadly” narrative.


Well, Chuck was not having any of the public making up their own mind after more video was released. Here are just a couple of minutes of his pristine thoughts on the matter.

With contempt for the facts disregard of the risks and knowing full well he was lying, lying to his audience Fox News host Tucker Carlson ran a lengthy segment last night arguing the January 6th Capitol was NOT a violent insurrection.

One of the things that I’m sure got Chuck upset was the video of the QAnon Shaman (otherwise known as Village People Guy) being led to the Senate floor by what looked to be Capitol Hill Police in a very nonchalant, friendly manner. The police checked to see if doors were open for the bloke to access the room and, at one point, it looked like the guy wearing horns walked through seven or eight police with no one bothering to at least ask him how he did his makeup, let alone what he was doing in the building.

Chuck must have fainted at the mere thought of one of these heathens looking to see what he was keeping on or in his desk.


Really, what Schumer is upset about is that the vast majority of the people that were in the Capitol that day were peacefully wandering around taking pictures and we’re not committing any acts of violence. I’m sure the founders of the country, when they used the word “insurrection,” never envisioned wandering around the nation’s Capitol taking selfies and walking peacefully through it.

The British of 1812 are laughing at that description.

The narrative and the notion that every person that was at the Capitol that day was there to burn things down and overthrow Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer while accessing the nuke codes is a bit busted today. I’m going to lay my money down on that being why Chuck had the sads on the floor today.

Should the @$$hats that stormed the doors and broke windows be left off the hook?

Absolutely not.

However, the vast majority of those people in that building on that day did nothing but walk in the door, sometimes waved in by people who sure looked like cops.

All the Democrats, including honorary stooge Dems like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, feel a bit red-faced today after the video hit the airwaves last night — and they should.

Always sucks to get caught in a lie.


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