Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Has a Massive Protest Brewing Over His Jab Mandate

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a unique event happening with our neighbors from the “Great White North” in Canada, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in for a bit of a rough ride.


A truck convoy is heading to the nation’s capital in Ottawa and they are looking to make their voices heard via the idling of diesel engines not delivering goods throughout the country. They are not in love with “Al Jolson” Trudeaus’ mandate that forces truckers crossing the U.S. border to get the jab and are heading to let the P.M. and his government know about it.

Let’s go to a quick recap from Monday of what is going on: Supply Chain Problems Are Going to Get Worse Now That Truckers Are Protesting Mandates

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeaus’ government dropped the hammer on Canadian truckers being mandated to be poked last January 15th and Joe Biden ordered the same for truckers here this past Saturday the 22nd.

According to an article from Canada, the Canadian truckers are not taking this well.

“We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our Federal Government and demanding that they cease all mandates against its people,” wrote Go Fund Me organizer Tamara Lich. “Small businesses are being destroyed, homes are being destroyed, and people are being mistreated and denied fundamental necessities to survive.”

The decision for Canadian truckers to meet in Ottawa to protest the vaccine mandate comes as the industry struggles with issues , such as disruptions to the supply chain and a shortage of drivers.
The federal vaccine mandate could result in a loss of 12,000 to 16,000 cross-border commercial drivers, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance .
The mandate came into effect on Jan. 15, which means Canadian truckers must show proof of vaccination to avoid taking COVID-19 tests before reaching the border. They will also have to quarentine when they return from the United States. American truckers who are unvaccinated will not be allowed to enter.

On Wednesday, a group of truck drivers protested the mandate at the US-Manitoba international border, blocking the highway and slowing traffic.


On Twitter, the hashtag #TruckersForFreedom is highlighting the Canadian truckers and those who support them on the trek to Ottawa and it is a marvel to behold. Here are just two brief examples.

I’m not gonna mince words — this is just a marvel to watch from my perch in the United States. Our Canadian brethren are standing up in a fashion that you rarely get to see in real life these days. They are pushing back on the idiocy of endless mandates pushed by people who do not have the best interests of their citizens at heart, yet virtue signal all day long about having the best interests of something.

Truckers are the lifeblood of not only Canada but also of the United States. They are making a statement that if they were ok to deliver all the goods we needed during the spring of 2020 and all of 2021 with no poke mandate to cross the border, there is no proof that says it is unsafe to do so now.

Politicians in any country are always prone to accumulating power, generally in small incremental steps. During the past two years, though, as we have seen here in the United States, some elected officials have really overstepped their authority. Trudeau in Canada has done the very same thing with this international crossing jab mandate and his citizens who do the grunt work have had enough of the finger-wagging from Ottawa.


Unlike most groups that have opposed government overreach, the truckers of Canada are in a unique position to have a massive impact. If those rigs that are usually crossing the Canada-U.S. border all of a sudden are sidelined sitting in Ottawa or just staying home, Canada AND the United States have a BIG problem. Grocery store shelves and many others will start to go sparse or bare.

Trucks — and the men and women who drive them — are the lifeblood of Canada and of my country. These hardworking blue-collar folks are just sick and tired of being knocked around and nitpicked as experimental dummies for some eggheads like Justin Trudeau.

I grew up around truckers and I know that they are just down-to-earth folks who do a necessary job with damn near zero fanfare. We have taken for granted that these people will always be in the background doing the job most of us do NOT recognize or appreciate.

Justin Trudeau and his government in Canada are about to find out just how important these men and women are and I’m here for all of it. I will be focusing on this story in many different forms with my radio show on WAAM 1600 A.M. in Ann Arbor and the podcast version. I have all of a sudden found a new love for Twitter following the #TruckersForFreedom hashtag and am retweeting and commentating on all I see at @irishduke2. This is history in the making and I’m just stoked to see it live.

In closing, just a little song from a Canadian band called Triumph that I believe encapsulates the whole #TruckersForFreedom movement in Canada right now. Keep “Fight(ing) the Good Fight” every damn moment you have air in your lungs, you wonderful northerners. You folks are awesome.



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