Happy Birthday, Joe Biden; Today Might Be the Day to Consider Stepping Down

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Today, Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, turns 79 years of age, and some might argue that his age now reflects his I.Q. number. Those people are not being fair and most likely have not watched his 40-plus year career in Washington to know it has always been in this neighborhood.


Go figure.

However, it is the 46th POTUS’ 79th, and CBS News had the vanilla ice cream post of the day about it.

Joe Biden became the oldest man to occupy the White House when he was inaugurated earlier this year. Now, he’s the first president ever to turn 79 years of age while in office.

Born on November 20, 1942, Mr. Biden’s birthday is Saturday.

The day before his birthday, the president had a routine physical, so he went into his birthday weekend with a colonoscopy and his routine physical behind him. White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor wrote in a memo that Mr. Biden “remains a healthy, vigorous 78-year-old male who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency.”

With the physical analysis aside from Dr. O’Connor, it might be a good time for Uncle Joe to take a moment and think about calling it a day as President. I know this might seem a bit cruel, being it is a day to celebrate the birth of the kid from Scranton, but let’s think about the country for once.

As my colleague Joe Cunningham wrote here yesterday (Joe Biden Really Is Making History), Joe is making history for all of the wrong reasons.

We are nearing a year since Joe Biden took office. One year since he was elected. One year since he took control of one of the biggest economic crises in history. One year since he began presiding over the worst pandemic in history. One year since the oldest president ever elected and the first female and black vice president ever elected took office.

America was promised a return to normalcy. The era of mean tweets was over, and the division between us was ending. Our lives would return to normal.

Fast forward one year, and what we have is anything but normal. The Democrats have increased division to the point that even their own party can’t agree on major policies. The mean tweets from Trump are gone, but in their place is cheap, divisive sniping from all sides. Republicans are shut out from the process in many regards, and if the progressives at the fringes had their way, Republicans would not have a seat at the table even on things like the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

But it’s not just the Republicans they don’t want to work with. The administration has gone after parents, labeling them potential terrorists if they dare to question public education. They have labeled those who defeated them in Virginia “racists” and have delegitimized whatever grievances voters had.


Cunningham is just touching on some of the most popular head-scratchers the most experienced person ever to hold the White House has done in less than a year.

What was pretty clear during the campaign last year is that the people around Joe Biden know that he is no longer at the top of his game, and this has continued into the Presidency. He needs to be protected and coddled in a way that other Presidents have never had to in the modern era. The simplest example of this is how Jen Psaki and the communications staff are constantly doing a cleanup of what Biden meant after he gets close enough to a microphone.

Compare this to his predecessor, who relished mixing it up with the press and would override his staff to engage with them. Donald Trump would hold a full-blown press conference walking out to Marine One. If Joe Biden tried to do anything close to that, Psaki would have to scream “Fire!” and have Secret Service evacuate Biden to the safety of being far enough away from reporters.

This country is heading into some uncertain times, and we need some sort of competent leadership at this moment. Now I’m not endorsing Kamala Harris as that competent option necessarily, but she can string a sentence together with an annoying cackle. If a red wave happens in the mid-terms next year, at least the new Republican majorities will be able to communicate with the chief executive without having to talk about ice cream to start off any conversation.

Joe Biden achieved his dream of becoming President, and on his 79th birthday, he should start thinking about stepping down and doing something right by the country for once. Go home, Mr. President, with some dignity intact. Start planning the Presidential library and make sure it has the coolest ice cream shop inside it.


That would literally be the only reason to visit it.


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