Investors Are Getting Worried About a Sanders vs Trump Election

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Town Hall Breakfast Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, at the Newport Opera House in Newport, N.H. (AP Photo/Cheryl Senter)

As we move closer to the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee this July we are going to see more stories like this if Bernie Sanders continues his momentum. Mostly that investors on Wall Street don’t want to see a candidate like Sanders anywhere near a fighting chance of being President.


Let not your heart be troubled barons of New York, Bernie, and his heart won’t win.

Yet the fear until the November numbers are totaled will not cease though. I can’t really blame anyone sane for worrying at least a bit.

From Yahoo Finance

There is a growing undercurrent in markets that say a battle this fall between self-described socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump could be bad news for stock prices.

As evidenced by the market’s strong run-up in 2020, investors have yet to exit stocks on fears of a big government Bernie winning the Oval Office. But his continued strong showing in debates and national polls may lead to some profit-taking sooner rather than later. The concern – Sanders shocks the market-friendly Trump.

“There is definitely kind of fear [among clients] if you get a candidate like Sanders or say Elizabeth Warren,” said UBS global investment strategist Jason Draho on Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade. For now, the Sanders surge is keeping a lid on the market potential argues Draho.

“It’s more of a headwind that keeps markets from rising higher,” Draho noted.

Of course, Bernie is going to use this as proof that he is doing the right thing and his lackeys will eat it right up.

The markets and regular Americans who are enjoying the strongest economy in memory should be concerned if a Sanders or someone spouting his nonsense were ever to reach the Presidency. They should also be concerned that Sanders is already a Senator and there are others like him in Congress and in your statehouses today. There is not much you can do to affect states like Vermont who tolerate Sanders and his idiocy but he should have never reached national prominence with this.


This is one of the reasons I think that Bloomberg finally did pull the trigger and jump into the Democrats rat race. He is literally the only one that could stop Sanders just with sheer spending of his millions to keep Bernie and his bros from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. If Bloomberg were in the lead I doubt you would be seeing any type of story like this about Wall Street being worried. They know what they have with Trump and they are pretty sure they know what they could have with Bloomberg. Pretty much business as usual.

That is good for America, which Bernie is not. Now that people on Wall Street are talking out loud about this let’s hope that more people on Main Street realize this also.

Free is never free, no matter how many times Bernie and his bros scream it is.

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