Elizabeth Warren Refuses to Say She Likes Bernie After Clinton Comments And America Laughs

You Like Me Right?
Elizabeth Warren, Tom Steyer, Bernie Sanders
You Like Me Right?

Poor Bernie Sanders. When even your own socialist brethren won’t say that you are likable and you’re going into the final week of campaigning, that has to sting a Lil. Can’t the crusty ole fella from Vermont get even a Lil bit of love from one of his own?


Politics is just so harsh to those who have achieved so little.

As most people know, last week Hillary Clinton in an attempt to keep her name viable for no good reason before the launch of a documentary about H-E-R,  took a pretty good shot at Bernie. She called out a well-known fact behind the scenes that Bernie is a despised curmudgeon in the Senate and is not well-liked by his colleagues. These types of things are rarely ever said on camera yet being Hillary is NOT running for anything ever again she felt free to let it rip.

Quite refreshing actually.

From Fox News

Clinton made headlines earlier this week ahead of the release of a four-part Hulu documentary series about her life and career, during which she slammed her 2016 rival.

“He was in Congress for years,” Clinton says in an excerpt from the documentary. “He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

Appearing on “CBS This Morning” on Friday, Warren was asked to weigh in on the dust-up.

“Hillary Clinton said that nobody likes Bernie Sanders and nobody in the Senate wanted to work with him. Is she right?” CBS anchor Anthony Mason asked.

“I’m not going there,” Warren quickly responded before pivoting to the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, for which she is serving as a juror.


Now let me reiterate that HILLARY CLINTON is not running for anything and that is why she felt free to say this. Can you imagine how ticked off all the Bernie bros would be if she were placed as the nominee at the convention? Trump would win by an even bigger margin than last time.

That is why Lizzy Warren made the smart choice and decided to not dip into this mess that Clinton created. Warren is still trying to navigate the waters from the moment after the last CNN debate where she confronted Bernie about calling her a liar. She does not want to rattle any more sabers before the Iowa caucuses.

Warren is also the closest in policy to Sanders and if he drops out ( which he will at some point) and Warren is still standing, she will try to offer a home for all those displaced Bernie bros. This was a very solid move from a candidate known for making up everything on the fly.

Hopefully, these two old white kids can make up when the older fella drops out and they can smoke that ole peace pipe that Elizabeth’s Grandsquaw gave her back in the day. It would be a real shame that the two most vocal proponents of taking other people’s stuff never made up.


Actually, it would be heartbreaking for them but great for America.

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