Nancy Pelosi Says About Trump : 'I'm Done With Him'

Can the head of one half of the Article One branch actually say they are done with the head of the Article Two branch? Also how fast do you think Thomas Jefferson and John Adams are spinning in their graves?


Nancy Pelosi got a rare reprieve for a moment earlier today when she was asked by CNN’s Manu Raju about Donald Trump and not how Jerry Nadler is kicking her in the rear every day for not green lighting impeachment hearings. She made her response memorable.

According to CNN:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN’s Manu Raju on Tuesday that she’s “done” with President Donald Trump but would not say whether she told Democrats behind closed doors that she’d rather see Trump “in prison.”

“I’m done with him,” Pelosi told Raju at the Fiscal Summit from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

“I don’t even want to talk about him,” she said, adding, “My stock goes up every time he attacks me, so what can I say, but let’s not spend too much time on that because that’s his victory, the diverter-in-chief, the diverter-of-attention-in-chief.”

If these two crazy kids can’t make it work what hope is there for the rest of us?


Nancy will not be effective at all for the remainder of this session if she is throwing Trump to the curb this early and won’t go and meet or deal with him. Also, the way that her caucus is building up some steam after that John Dean debacle yesterday, she will very soon want to be dealing with the guy living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Let’s see how long this self-imposed temper tantrum lasts. I’m willing to bet less than 30 days and who knows maybe Donald, Nancy and Chuck can all meet again for an oval office visit and act like they actually can tolerate each other.

I can’t wait.

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