Help Your Favorite Conservatives this Election

The first half of 2010 may be over, but the struggle for America’s future is just beginning. For 18 months, we have fought against the bailouts, handouts, and takeovers. As national polls and the Democrats’ fear of their own voters show, we are winning the debate. Now it’s time to start winning the elections!


Earlier this spring, thanks to your votes, my friend Sean Duffy won Freedom First PAC’s first online contest for congressional candidates.

Conservatives around the country voted for their favorite Freedom First candidates to win spotlight assistance for their campaign – and together we helped Sean raise awareness for his campaign via a Facebook town hall and crucial dollars for his campaign in Wisconsin’s 7th district.

Since Sean won the contest, his opponent, 40-year incumbent Democrat David Obey, chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee, retired rather than face Duffy in November.

I had a great time visiting with Sean in Wisconsin. We chatted sports, politics, and family with hundreds of grassroots friends during our Freedom First PAC Facebook town hall. Well now, with a new batch of endorsements – all strong, principled, commonsense conservatives ready to lead – it’s time to do it again.

So today I’m announcing that the second Freedom First PAC candidate contest is on the clock. Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, Susanna Martinez, John Kasich and the others are all great candidates with strong grassroots conservative support around the country. Now, whoever the grassroots picks to win this contest will have a chance to co-host another Facebook Townhall meeting, a special fundraising appeal to the Freedom First PAC’s list, a visit from either myself or a Freedom First PAC surrogate, and an online matching contribution campaign up to $5,000.


Logon to today to learn more about the Freedom First PAC’s terrific slate of endorsed Republican. Vote for your favorite state or federal candidate, spread the word about the contest, and check back to see who wins next Tuesday.

Anyone paying attention to politics this year knows that conservatives and Republicans have the principles and the people to rescue our economy, reform our government, and restore our freedom and prosperity. You don’t have to wait until November to vote for one of those people – they’re all waiting for your vote right now at the Freedom First PAC’s second candidate contest. Vote now!


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