I once owned a goat. I bought it to help control the weeds and grass on land in back of my home. In addition to being useful it also became kind of a pet for my children. It being pet goat and because I was a benevolent owner I also bought feed to supplement its weed and grass diet. One day the entire feed bag was left out unintentionally by one of my kids. The goat ate as much as possible before it was found and it got very sick; it was in obvious pain. Goats will eat until they die. A call to a vet incurred a substantial bill but that was OK since I was a benevolent owner. The vet said to keep the goat away from food and it would either make it or it wouldn’t.


I locked the goat in the barn and put the feed on the back porch which was separated from the pin by another locked gate. During the night the goat got to feeling better. It got out of the barn, out of the pin, and into the back yard and into the feed it loved so much. We found it lying on its side with a terribly bloated stomach still eating feed from the feed bag. The goat died. It ate itself to death even though it was in pain. It could not stop itself; it just lay on its side eating and dying. Goats live primarily on instinct and eating is at the top. I know I was a bad owner but I was a benevolent owner; I tried. This is all I know about goats.

Liberal Democrat politics is about special interest groups. Their constituents are easily identifiable based on gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, labor affiliation, etc. Ideologically they all roughly adhere to the religion of environmentalism. These voting blocs want their government services, their giveaways, wealth redistribution. They also want special rules that favor their group. These special interest groups act a lot like goats; not the individual members who are generally good people but the groups as a whole. Their only reason to exist is to achieve the group’s goals – nothing else. They only want to feed with no thought of the consequences. Their owners, the liberal Democrat elite, will continue to feed them as long as the elite get what they want –power – even if it kills the group and America.


Until conservatives and Republicans find ways to break this “feed bag” mentality America has little hope. Step one for us is to not vote for politicians who feed the goats. A vote for a Democrat is a vote to feed the goats. Step two is to make sure our leaders don’t feed their own goats. I say NO VOTES FOR GOATS. After my goat died I bought a weed eater, the mechanical kind. It wasn’t hard to keep the land trimmed especially with my children’s help. I suspect the Republican Party will do well without goats also.


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