NOT CUTE: Pro-Aborts Debut Uterus Emoji to Raise Money for More Abortions

Meet Ooti the Uterus. “She” is, according to her website, an “expressive uterus” emoji “in shades of millennial pink.” (Millennial pink?)


There has apparently been a great demand among pro-aborts for an emoji of their own. An emoji that shows uteri at play, at work, “swiping right.” There’s even a flaming, enraged uterus emoji. Sounds painful.

Ooti is playful little millennial pink scamp, isn’t she? Getting herself into all sorts of mischief, that one.


Oh, and she comes with a p*ssy hat. Of course!

The Ooti app can be downloaded onto iPhones and iPads (sorry, Android users, you’ll have to sit this one out!) for $1.99. The website says all proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood. Natch.

Ooti creator Ivy Hu might not realize it, but she’s just proved the conservative case for defunding Planned Parenthood. With so many Ivy Hus out there willing to donate their millennial pink proceeds to the abortion behemoth (they perform 30% of all abortions in America), taxpayers can bow out of propping it up.

So, thank you, Ooti, for demonstrating, in all your millennial pink gloriousness, how out of touch liberals truly are on the matter of government-subsidized abortions. Oh, and you might want to think about swiping left a little more often.



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