So ... About Megyn Kelly's Sunday Night Show on NBC

If you were planning to tune into Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly next Sunday – and, let’s face it, you probably weren’t – there’s a good chance the show won’t be on. And there’s a good chance the show will never be on again, with NBC reportedly pulling it from the lineup following a ratings nosedive.


The show was initially slated for a ten-week summer run, with a return to Sunday nights following the NFL season and the Winter Olympics (which now seems unlikely). Kelly started off strong by interviewing Vladimir Putin, which brought in 6.1 million viewers. She followed that up with her controversial interview of InfoWars’ Alex Jones, which saw ratings plummet with only 3.1 million viewers tuning in.

And things only got worse. The ten-week run is now being stopped at eight weeks, with an NBC spokesperson saying Kelly “needs to be freed up to focus” on her new morning show, which will be called “Megyn Kelly Today.”

The former Fox News star has seen her popularity drop precipitously in recent years, possibly starting with her less-than-stellar performance as a debate moderator during the GOP presidential primary season. Whether on her own or at the behest of her bosses, Kelly set her sights on then-candidate Donald Trump and allowed large parts of the debates to be solely about him, to the detriment of other candidates. And to the detriment of voters, as well.


It will be interesting to see if Kelly can break into the crowded morning “news” arena. Her star is certainly tarnished at this point, and her association with the liberal NBC News is unlikely to endear her to conservatives looking for unbiased reporting.


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