I Didn't Write This Post - Al Gore Did

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"Elvis is not dead - he just went home....."

Since Rebecca is home all day during the summer, we’re having fun introducing her to a wider range of movies. Whereas before she was primarily interested in the animated flicks, this year she has developed a taste for the offbeat humor that us older folks enjoy.

Her current favorite is “Ghostbusters”, but we watched “Men in Black” yesterday. One of my favorite musical moments is the tunnel scene when Tommy Lee Jones pops a toe-tapping tune into the 8-track player.

Now, I haven’t kept up with all of the Elvis songs, so I wasn’t familiar with that catchy little number, but thanks to the internet, I took a couple of the words that I heard – “Swing down chariot” – and entered them on the Search line, along with “Elvis”.

This is what came up (“Swing Down Sweet Chariot“):

Granted, it’s a snappy little tune, but it wasn’t the one that I was looking for (however, it did get added to my “Favorites” list on YouTube).

So I searched some more, and hit paydirt when I entered “Elvis” and “Men in Black” on the search line (the name of the song is “Promised Land” – feel free to swing your head back and forth; you know you want to):
And now – in keeping with this week’s political theme of “You Didn’t Build That” – let’s see how Al Gore is actually the person who wrote this post, using the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” rule:

1) The game “6DoKB” is a play on the concept of “Six Degrees of Separation“;
2) Will Smith starred in the movies “Six Degrees of Separation” and “Men in Black”
3) The movie “Men in Black” also starred Tommy Lee Jones;
4) Tommy Lee Jones roomed with Al Gore in college;
5) Al Gore invented the internet (c’mon – play along):
6) I saw this song on “Men in Black” and used the internet to find it on YouTube.

Gee, if it hadn’t been for Tommy Lee Jones’ college roommate inventing the Internet, I might never have found this song – thanks Al!

(Yeah, it’s lame – but it’s Friday, it’s hotter ‘n Hell outside and I got nuthin’ – although that Sauza tequila ad with the fireman that popped up during my video search helped a lot…..)


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