Actor Liam Neeson on Hollywood Sex Scandal: It's a Bit of a "Witch Hunt"

He might be right.

Liam Neeson, the star of “Schindler’s List” and “Taken” has had an opportunity to survey the seemingly endless #MeToo movement in Hollywood, and frankly, he thinks things have gotten out of hand.


While he agrees that it’s good that something is happening to shake up the Hollywood culture, the 65-year old actor thinks that there are some cases that have blown way out of proportion, resulting in what amounts to unfair ruin of the careers of some.

While appearing on Ireland’s version of the “Late Late Show,” he pointed out what he felt her a few cases that were just nuts.

 “There is a bit of a witch hunt happening too. There’s some people, famous people, being suddenly accused of touching some girl’s knee or something and suddenly they’re being dropped from their program or something,” Neeson said.

He cites Garrsion Keillor, an NPR personality, and Dustin Hoffman as two examples.

“[Keillor] was listening to a sad story from a female friend of his and at the end of this he put his hand to her back, like this, and she had a blouse on and it was her bare back,” Neeson continued. “I don’t know what the blouse was like. He immediately took his hand away and apologized. She said, ‘Don’t worry about it, forget about it.'”

“Months later he gets a call from a lawyer – his radio station does, Minnesota Public Radio – saying he inappropriately touched this lady and he was dropped like that,” added Neeson.


I agree that laying a hand on a bare back, while it might be uncomfortable for some, doesn’t really sound like a major sexual misconduct claim.

He also feels the accusations against Dustin Hoffman are overblown.

“I think Dustin Hoffman… I’m not saying I’ve done similar things like what he did, apparently he touched a girl’s breast and stuff, but it’s childhood stuff,” Neeson said.

Yeah… about that…

The accusations against Hoffman include a charge that he masturbated in front of a woman and that he forced another woman to perform oral sex on him.

And then the stories of his walking out naked in front of the teenaged friend of his daughter, asking her to rub his feet, etc…

That’s pretty creepy.

Neeson may have missed that part.

There have been some very real, very disturbing accounts coming out of Hollywood. He went on to acknowledge that there’s at least something there. But as he said, it’s getting a bit crazy, and the lines between genuine cause for concern and bandwagon jumping alarmism.


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