Fox News Personality Deems the Republican Party: DEAD

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

Yes. We know. You helped kill it.

Fox News personality and Trump tongue bather, Sean Hannity, got a chance to huddle with Breitbart’s Steve Bannon in a recent interview, and he declared the Republican party dead, dead, DEAD!


From The Hill:

“Here’s my view on the Republican Party,” Hannity said to “Breitbart News Tonight” special edition host Stephen Bannon, President Trump’s former White House strategist.

“It is a dead party. They are morally corrupt, they are weak. … They are ineffective, they’re vision-less, and they have no identity,” he said.

Morally corrupt – they supported Donald Trump and fought to keep the delegates from stopping his takeover of the party, so, I’ll have to give him that.

Weak and ineffective? Visionless?

I may have found some common ground with Sean Hannity.

As for “no identity,” it must be pointed out that they pawned off their identity to become the Trumplican Party.

Hannity went on to say he felt the Republican Party left him.

Yeah, I don’t get that. I mean, they fought the voters and the system in order to give you a messiah to follow. You seem pretty enthusiastic about him.

“And I feel it is heartbreaking to me, because so many people trusted them in 2010, 2014 – ‘Give us the House, give us the Senate,’ ” Hannity said.

“Then they get the White House and then they turn on a man that’s advocating the same principles that they have been quoting for years on the campaign trail,” he said.

Ok. There’s the psycho we’ve gotten used to.

For years, Republicans have been advocating smaller government, family values and Christian ethics. Trump represents none of that.


Hannity is right about the Republicans’ failure to get much done. That part is frustrating, but you have a party that’s split between conservatives and moderates, with apparently diverse ideas about how to achieve the end goal of everything they’ve been promising.

Maybe they should have come together on HOW to make those goals a reality, before promising anything.

He called it “total and complete bullsh*t.”

It is, but if you think Trump is the good guy, here. Think again. His spastic tweet storms have kept the party off balance for the past two years.

They’ve spent more time saying, “What he meant to say was…” or trying to work around his attacks than they have trying to come together to work out any coherent, agreeable plan to repeal Obamacare or do anything else they’ve promised.

They have, at least, come to some sort of victory with tax reform, so maybe they can all put Trump on mute and actually work through the Obamacare mess in 2018.





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