Why Is Trump Marveling Over the Communist Party's Elevation of Chinese President Xi Jinping?

Yeah. It’s ok to facepalm, here.

In an interview on Wednesday, Trump couldn’t stop praising China’s President Xi Jinping, and congratulating him for bizarre things.


“People say we have the best relationship of any president-president, because he’s called president also,” Trump said during an interview with Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs.

Word salad.

“Now some people might call him the king of China. But he’s called president. But we have a very good relationship and that’s a positive thing.”

Who would be those “some people”?

“He’s a powerful man. I happen to think he’s a very good person,” Trump said of Xi.

Torture, clamp downs on media and religious freedoms… just a few of the human rights complaints against Xi Jinping and his administration that have caught the attention of international human rights activists, but, whatever.

“Now with that being said, he represents China, I represent the USA, so, you know, there’s going to always be conflict. But we have a very good relationship.”


Trump further went on to opine about a desire to have as good of a relationship with Russia and other nations.

It didn’t end there.

Trump also went on to congratulate the Chinese president on his “extraordinary elevation.”

The Chinese Communist Party, which recently concluded its 19th party congress, formally elevated Xi on Tuesday to the same status as former leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.

The decision to elevate Xi will make him the most powerful leader the country has seen in decades.

And Trump can’t wait to get next to that.

He and the First Lady will be traveling to China in two weeks.

Maybe he’ll pick up some pointers, while there.


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