While Jimmy Kimmel Cries, a Los Angeles Street Artist Lampoons

Since Jimmy Kimmel has decided to do double duty as both late night comedian/talk show host and weepy conscience of the left, he’s been begging to be lampooned.


A right-wing street artist by the name of “Sabo” has decided to do the honors.

Sabo’s shtick has been to go after leftist in Hollywood, in gloriously appropriate ways.

While Kimmel is lecturing everybody about the need to keep Obamacare, using his sick child as a playing piece in his shrill rants, or being the latest to rush the calls for gun control after the Las Vegas shooting,  Sabo is saying, “Who asked you? You’re a comedian!” by placing his artwork all over Los Angeles.


Well done.


The Jimmy Kimmel Estrogen Hour is cracking me up!

Sabo remarked that he put some of his posters where he felt sure Kimmel would see them.


It worked.

Kimmel posted an image of himself with a bit of Sabo’s work, and a message back to him.

Sabo wasn’t moved.


Would you like some aloe to treat that burn, Sir?



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