How Much Has the RNC Paid to Cover Trump Legal Fees, and Who Is Benefitting?

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On Tuesday, Jim Jamitis brought you the report that President Trump is apparently using reelection campaign funds to pay legal fees incurred from the ongoing Russia probe.


As Jim pointed out, it’s apparently a perfectly legal and allowable thing. Of course, while he’s dipping from that well, depleting those funds, in about 3 years, when it’s actually time to worry about reelection (which I’m willing to bet he doesn’t seek), the people giving into that fund now had better be prepared to keep giving.

To date, only eight months into his presidency, legal fees for the Russia probe have cost the Republican National Committee over $400,000. According to Politico, that is the August total, and we’re at the end of September, so you can imagine it’s quite a bit more, now.

So where is the money going?

Jay Sekulow has found rolling over on conservatism to be quite profitable, as he’s netted, so far, $131, 250, and the other member of Trump’s legal team, John Dowd, has collected $100,000.

That’s $231,250. Where’s the rest?

The RNC also spent nearly $200,000 to cover Donald Trump Jr.’s legal fees, according to a committee official. More than $166,000 was paid to attorney Alan Futerfas, while another $30,000 was paid to the Williams & Jensen firm. Both helped the younger Trump prepare for testimony.


I’m sure there’s some legal, loophole-y way around this. According to the Federal Elections Commission, private campaign funds can be used for bills that arise from being a candidate or an elected official.

Which of those is Donald Trump Jr, again?

Maybe there’s an umbrella provision that allows family members to dip into the funds, as well.

Either way, as the Russia probe seems to be expanding further, gathering steam and focus, donors should know they’re not so much donating to the “Re-elect Trump Fund,” so much as it appears they’re donating to the “Keep the Trump family out of federal prison Fund.”




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