First Daughter Praises "Peaceful" Boston Counter-Protesters

Counterprotesters hold signs before conservative organizers begin a planned "Free Speech" rally on Boston Common, Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017, in Boston. Police Commissioner William Evans said Friday that 500 officers, some in uniform, others undercover, would be deployed to keep the two groups apart. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

“Unofficial” adviser to the president, as well as First Daughter Ivanka Trump watched the events in Boston yesterday and had high praise.

To be specific, her praise was for the counter-protesters, there to protest a free speech rally.


Nice sentiment. Truly.

The rally lasted less than an hour, due to the “peaceful” counter-protesters. I’m assuming all the peace was too much to handle.

Some of the reports of who was to speak at the rally are rather sketchy. Several were alt-right figures with questionable ties. There was also supposedly at least one Holocaust denier scheduled.

It was, however, a free speech rally, and the First Amendment allows for peaceful gatherings to openly express ideas and opinions, even the repulsive ones.

Allegedly, no one was there to pimp for the alt-right, but rather, to speak to the importance of preserving the First Amendment. They rejected any comparison to what they were attempting and what went on in Charlottesville.

But then, there were the “peaceful” counter-protesters.


This is where the breakdown occurs.

This wasn’t exactly my idea of “peaceful,” but we’ve got the power behind the throne praising these actions.

I continue to caution that we be aware of who these counter-protesters are. Some are just garden variety liberals. The others, however, see this as their chance to insert a little chaos into an already fractured Republic.

They’re not helping. The alt-right isn’t helping.
The window for inserting any sanity into the process and setting this ship right again may have already closed.

God help us all.


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