Senator Lindsey Graham Makes A Bold Move In The Ongoing Russia Probe (VIDEO)

Unless something happens in the interim, good luck in getting President Trump to sign off on any such legislation.

Today, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said that he is working on legislation that he will introduce next week, with presumed bipartisan support. The legislation would prevent the president from firing special counsel that is empaneled to investigate the president and/or his team, unless there is judicial review of the firing.

Said Graham, “Not just for Trump, but for any future president. We need a check and balance, here.”

He went on to say that if the attorney general fires special counsel, a judge will have to determine if the stated reasons meet statutory definitions.

I think you can safely say this is a shot across President Trump’s bow, as many Republican lawmakers have grown increasingly disturbed over the president’s behavior. And by behavior, not just how he has acted about the Russia investigation, but also his treatment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Trump’s aggressive and abusive stance has caused a crisis of confidence and you can bet Graham has others on his side, ready to take whatever measures are necessary to get Trump under control.

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