In Support of Jeff Sessions, Rep. Mo Brooks Issues a Bold Challenge to His Fellow Candidates

You can speculate on the motives until the cows come home.

Politics is full of mercenaries and egos, with an occasional, truly good and principled individual blended in for flavor.

This statement from Alabama Representative Mo Brooks in defense of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, however, is quite astonishing.

Rep. Brooks is currently vying for Sessions’ Senate seat, which is now occupied by Luther Strange, at least until a special election can be held in 2018.

Brooks released his statement earlier today, objecting to Trump’s Twitter attacks on Sessions, and also raising the possibility of all candidates for that Senate seat to withdraw from the race, should Sessions choose to pursue his old job.

It’s a gamble, and Brooks acknowledges that.

Trump’s loyalists in Alabama may see a vocal stand for Sessions as a stand against Trump. It’s not true, of course, but we’ve seen an amazing ability to miss the point from the president’s most faithful.

Bold move, Mr. Brooks.

Let’s see if it pays off.

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