Senator King: The Nation Is Under Attack, Trump's Lack Of Concern Is "Troubling"

This makes perfect sense, and for anyone with any real integrity, it’s an honest concern.

Senator Angus King (I-Maine) noted some curious behavior from the president.


Specifically, Senator King feels that as Commander-in-Chief, maybe Trump should be a little more concerned for the integrity of our nation’s elections system, and less likely to go on a tirade when the Russia investigation is broached.

Said King:

“He’s the commander-in-chief, and the country is under attack, and he’s acting like it’s all personal,” Mr. King, Maine independent, said on CBS News.

The senator said that when his colleague Sen. Joe Manchin asked former FBI Director James B. Comey if Mr. Trump expressed any interest in the Russia case, Mr. Comey said he did not.

“That’s very disturbing,” Mr. King said. “As you know, the president has sort of denigrated this whole idea from the beginning.”

He’s very interested in seeing people like former national security adviser Michael Flynn cleared, but not in hearing about the reports from U.S. intelligence (he’s too busy insulting them), or taking what is a known threat from a hostile foreign government seriously.

The presidential move would be to ask for a full review of the 2016 election, what the intelligence community knows, and to ask for no less than full cooperation from staff with the ongoing investigation.

If he knows no one on his team is involved in any sort of Russian entanglements, then this should be something he absolutely wants to see carried through to the end, giving full cooperation.


And as the Senate Intelligence Committee prepares for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony on Tuesday, Senator King has several questions he hopes to have answered.

“What were his contacts, if any, with Russian officials during the period of the campaign?” Mr. King said, “What role did he play, if any, with the Comey firing? Because at that point, he was supposed to be recused of the investigation, have nothing to do with it.”

Trump cited the recommendations of Sessions and deputy secretary Rod Rosenstein as the reason behind James Comey’s firing, only to contradict himself later and say he’d fired him because of the Russia investigation.

As president, Trump should want to know that all elements of our society and our government are safeguarded. His jump to wild Twitter rants and pouty defiance whenever Russia is mentioned is not the behavior of someone with our best interests in mind.


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