HBO's STUNNING Response To Bill Maher's "N-Word" Controversy

Wait… what?

While the initial reaction from the left over Bill Maher’s “N-word” incident on Friday night was to blame Senator Ben Sasse (as if his presence on the set somehow overcame Maher and forced him to use the offensive word), they seem to be waking up and properly harnessing their outrage.


For his part, Sasse gave a thoughtful reply to all those who felt his nervous smile was not an adequate response to Maher’s offense.

The real question is how will HBO handle it? He is, after all, using their network as the platform for his “comedy.”

Make sure you read those words carefully.

This is what it looks like when progressives try to whitewash situations that are perpetrated by one of their own.

They’re going to edit that particular segment out of the show, as if it never happened.


If nothing else, we can draw from this that Maher is making money for HBO, so other than some feigned indignation, those who were hoping for something that would really stick with him, forget about it.

I’m not even saying I think Maher should be fired for saying an offensive word. If HBO wants to hang on to him, let the market decide. I never watch him, anyway, so my vote doesn’t count. If those who do watch care, it will show in the ratings, and then HBO will have to make a choice.

Barring that, I guess you can all just sit back and wait to see who he tries to offend, next.


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