Bible Used In Vandalism Of Colorado Mosque

Somebody “vandalized” a Colorado mosque with a Bible.

That’s just the sensational headlines the media are pumping out, at least.

Security camera footage caught images of a man putting several rocks through the glass door, then following that with a Bible, into the prayer area.


Then there was a CAIR sighting.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the largest Muslim advocacy organization in the nation, said the vandalism incident should be investigated as a hate crime because the bible suggests a “bias motive” for the attack.

“Because of the use of a Bible in the vandalism, we would urge state and federal law enforcement authorities to investigate the possibility of a bias motive for this attack on a house of worship,” said Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR’s national communications director.

And it very well may be bias.

In fact, I’m sure of it, and it is absolutely detrimental to the cause of Christ.

Want to be a “good Christian”?

Don’t destroy the property of others, for starters.

The person who would do this should have held on to their Bible, as they apparently need it. We don’t proselytize through force or compulsion, but through grace and humility.

Now, thanks to this jerk, who probably considers himself a “good Christian,” Christians are made to look like the kind of people that smash rocks through peoples’ doors and windows.

Do better, people.


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