Abortion Activists in Kentucky in Full-Scale Panic Over Closing of One of Two Abortion Clinics

Liberalism really is some kind of mental disorder.

If nothing else, it is a sickness of the heart, and in no case is it more apparent than with abortion activists.

In the state of Kentucky, Governor Matt Bevin has recently signed two pro-life bills into law. One bans abortions after 20 weeks. The other requires that women seeking abortions receive ultrasounds, and the opportunity to see them before they carry through with the procedure.

Other states have passed such laws, and to the rational mind, there seems to be nothing overtly oppressive or insidious with either law.

To a liberal mind, however, they see such laws as an attempt to chain women to the consequences for their actions. You know – something like personal responsibility – an absolute blasphemy in liberal circles.

For liberal women in Kentucky, these commonsense laws weren’t the only blow to their reprobate sensibilities.

The EMW Women’s Clinic (abortion mill) in Lexington, Kentucky announced it would be closing on January 27, 2017.

The Kentucky chapter of the National Organization of Women (NOW) announced the closing, calling it a “casualty” of Governor Bevin.

“As you know, for the past 6 1/2 months we have diligently pursued obtaining a license to operate an abortion facility,” the clinic’s executive director explained in an official statement. “Although we and our attorney believed we had fulfilled all the requirements to obtain the license, the Inspector General of KY disagreed and denied us the license.”

With this closing, there only remains one center for legalized infanticide in the state of Kentucky, and that is located in Louisville.

If you ever want to see the true psychosis of a liberal, tell a liberal woman that her options for abortion are being trimmed back.

Let’s examine some of the examples from NOW’s Facebook page:

“I really hope I never get pregnant while living in this awful state,” wrote one woman. “I don’t know if I could get to Louisville. I might have to resort to extreme measures.”

These are the kinds of comments that make me want to go trolling.

First of all, you don’t have to “hope” you never get pregnant. There are far more options for preventing pregnancy than for abortion.

Is there a Walmart where you live? Of course there is. Every community may not have an abortion clinic, but most every community has a Walmart, at this point. You can get a 40 count box of condoms for around $11.

You can keep your legs closed for free.

I’m sorry. Was that harsh?

Tough, but I don’t want to hear any woman say she hopes she doesn’t get pregnant, when her options of avoiding the condition are so vast, relying mainly on commonsense and self-control.

Why aren’t these options being presented to these dull witted women?

“So much for small government,” wrote another one. “Yet we maintain the death penalty in our state. It … never has been about the sanctity of life and always about moralizing and controlling women’s sexuality and choices.”

When people reach the point of receiving the death penalty, it is because they have done something so heinous, death is the only fitting punishment.

I could actually see some room for debate, here. I believe all life is precious and none are beyond the power of redemption.

That being said, infants in the womb have done nothing to warrant a death penalty, but that is what their mothers would subject them to, for no other crime than their existence.

Another woman put it even more succinctly and sarcastically asked, “So, why don’t we just start stockpiling metal coat hangers again?”


Seriously, how many times are you planning on getting pregnant? Are you saying you’re incapable of learning preventative measures?

This is all hyperbole, of course, because that’s how liberals operate – make everything out to be more desperate and tragic than it is, if it helps them push their pet causes.

What you will never see is a liberal woman suggesting personal responsibility as a way of life. To them, true “empowerment” comes from the right to murder their own children, hence the reason you don’t see NOW members lining up at Walmart, as we speak.