BBC Suggests There is More Russian Blackmail Material, Still Unreleased

What a day!

Can you make room on your news feed for one more nod to the Buzzfeed report, in regards to Trump’s uncomfortable Russia “situation”?

This will be my last mention of it (at least until something more substantive is released).


As I wrote about earlier, the Wall Street Journal reported that an ex-spy with British intelligence gathered the information that made up the report that was released by Buzzfeed.

Yes. It was James Bond.

Ok. Not James Bond, but a former British spy by the name of Christopher Steele.

An interesting exchange on Twitter suggests that there is even more to the dossier put together by Steele, that has yet to be released.

Get that?

There is supposedly video and audio still floating about.

That, and 35-pages to the report, supposedly being held back, pending substantiation.

That is, until Buzzfeed got their hands on a portion.

So what do you think? Will we see anything else out of this?

Does it matter?

Rumor, rumor, rumor, folks.

Make sure that grain of salt is big enough to season everything you’re hearing with this, for the time being.



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