Trump Ditches the Press Pool (Again) to Play Golf

Because he’s super-focused and serious about doing the job of the president, or something.

Honestly, I can only imagine that after eight years of Obama, Donald Trump actually thinks being president means lots of golf and no actual work.


So with just several weeks before he’s to move from President-elect Trump to President Trump, the reality TV whack job star decides to play Ding Dong Ditch with his presidential press pool and take off for a round of golf earlier today.

Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for the Trump transition team, confirmed to the AP that the president-elect had made a “last minute trip” to Trump National Golf Club Jupiter, about a half-hour drive from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla., where Trump has been staying for the holidays.

“We are in the home stretch of this transition period and don’t anticipate any additional situations like this between now and inauguration,” Grisham said in a statement.

“We hope this one incident doesn’t negate all the progress we have made and look forward to continuing the great relationships we have built,” she added.

In other words, his team knows this is bad optics, but they want to reassure everyone that he’s not completely out of control and disconnected with the responsibilities he campaigned for over the last year and a half.


This is the second time Trump has taken off without letting the press pool know his plans, during the transition.

The first was just after winning the election, back in November. Apparently, however, even his aides can’t keep up with his coming and going, which puts them at a disadvantage, as they’ve promised the press pool that they would do a better job of keeping them informed.

This time, the press got their info of his whereabouts after seeing several tweets from someone on the course with him.

President-elect Trump is going to have to learn to get used to having his previous lifestyle cramped, a bit.

This isn’t reality TV.


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