Rush Limbaugh Suggests Obama Will Stay in Washington to Make Things Hard on Trump

Rush Limbaugh Suggests Obama Will Stay in Washington to Make Things Hard on Trump
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Community organizing is only about a half-step above inciting riots, anyway.

Trump bootlick, Rush Limbaugh, is wringing his hands over the possibility of Barack Obama hanging around Washington for the purpose of causing trouble for the Donald Trump administration.

Said Limbaugh:

“The first moment that Trump does anything that is the unraveling of an Obama agenda item. Obama’s going to be on TV,” Limbaugh said Tuesday on “The Rush Limbaugh Show.” “They’ll give Obama as much time as he wants to rip into Trump and to warn the American people.”

Of course they will. It has been well established that the media is unrepentantly left-leaning. Obama, as the “first black president” can count on unfettered access.

Leftists do love their identity politics.

Limbaugh went on to point out that Bill Clinton and Al Gore at least let George W. Bush warm up the seat in the Oval Office before slamming him.

“They would go to Europe to make speeches ripping into Bush,” Limbaugh said. “But Obama’s going to do it from Washington. And he’s going to do it within hours of whatever Trump does. And he’s going to do it on major cable news. And the media is going to be 100 — 1,000 percent behind Obama.”

And anybody who thought this could be otherwise has not been paying attention.

Until Trump was elected, Obama also had the distinction of being our most petty, thin-skinned president in recent history.

He was definitely the most arrogant.

And now he is looking to be dethroned by this 70-year old upstart.

If we’re to accept this new Trump party, and this coarsening of dialogue in America, along with eschewing all traditional decorum, then Trump and his toadies shouldn’t start clutching their pearls now.

No, Obama shouldn’t be slamming him. He’s had eight years of being awful. If he does, however, welcome to Trump’s America.

You asked for it.


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