Sean Hannity Strips Away Any Prior Denials of Alt-Right Involvement

Silly Trump fanboy, Sean Hannity, has pretty much gone off the rails now, as far as his devotion to his idol, Trump.

So much so, that he’s dived headfirst into the festering cesspool of alt-right idiocy. After months of claiming the high road, denying any connection between Trump supporters and racially motivated players, Hannity gives in and promotes the ignoble cause of white nationalists.


SooperMexican pointed out over at theRightScoop that it all began with Hannity’s tweets, attacking John Zigler, a NeverTrumper radio commentator.

Not content to stop there, Hannity went on to retweet a Twitter user with the handle “Pantszilla77.”

As SooperMexican went on to explain:

“Cuckservative” has been adopted by the alt-right to refer to conservatives they say have sold the white race out. It refers to being “cuckolded” which is when a man’s wife cheats on him with someone else – they love making allusions to white conservatives letting blacks and other minorities have sex with their wives.

It’s possible that Hannity has no idea what a “cuck” has come to mean in the alt-right circle, but I kind of doubt that even he missed that bit of information, since it has been a big part of this election season.


SooperMexican was good enough to show the world who Hannity is now aligning himself with on Twitter.

Not cool, Sean. Not cool, at all.


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