Work Ethic: Trump Settles for One Security Briefing a Week, Pence Has Six

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It’s called work ethic. Some have it. Others are Donald Trump.

The PDBs, or Presidential Daily Briefings are available each day at 7:45am to the president, and traditionally, are made available to the incoming presidents, as well. It’s not required, but it’s considered to be good preparation for the crucial job that a president-elect is about to step into.


According to a Reuters report, as relayed by Mediaite, to date, President-elect Trump has opted to receive only one briefing a week.

Conversely, VP-elect Pence is receiving six briefings per week.

Democratic Representative Adam Schiff slammed Trump’s approach, saying, “It is deeply disturbing that the president-elect has time for rallies but not for regular intelligence briefings.” The briefings contain crucial information from the defense and intelligence communities including the CIA and NSA; the President-elect has neither military nor diplomatic experience.

It has become a source of contention and controversy during these crucial transition weeks, with many people pointing out that the President-elect is eschewing intelligence briefings but still watching Saturday Night Live and Tweeting incessantly. Liberal filmmaker, Michael Moore this week pleaded with Trump directly during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, urging him to “pay attention.”

“With all due respect, Mr. President-elect,” Moore said, “on our behalf, you have to pay attention. You have to attend these briefings. This is our country. This is our security. This is our safety.” He continued, “You’re not doing your number one job, and the number one job for the President is to make sure that the country is safe.”


That would fly, if not for the fact that Trump never wanted the job, nor did he expect to win. It was a massive publicity stunt that backfired, now he’s stuck with a job that he has no real interest in, beyond continuing to build his brand with the non-stop rallies he has planned.

He’s about building up his ego, not building up the nation.

We’re looking at a highly unqualified, uninterested president-elect, who has no experience in the delicate and crucial details of governance, nor does he possess the intellectual curiosity to devote himself to advance preparation.

Figuring it out as he goes is probably not the wisest option, considering the threats our nation faces at home and abroad.

It’s what the people wanted, however, so now we must all deal with it.

Elections have consequences.


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