BREAKING: Alt-Right Kingpin, Bannon, Taking His Place in Trump Hierarchy

Image by Don Irvine, via Flickr Creative Commons

As Trump’s team was informing the world just how NOT anti-establishment he actually is, by making RNC Chairman, Reince “Weasel boy” Priebus his Chief of Staff, they answered any questions about the fate of Breitbart bomb thrower, Steve Bannon, at the same time.

Yes. The alt-right will take a premium spot in the Trump administration, with Bannon in the position of chief strategist and senior counsel.

How Bannon’s unhinged, fire breathing thuggery will mesh with Priebus’ more disciplined approach to governing remains to be seen.

It sounds like a heady blend of chaos.

Get the popcorn ready.

This will be one for the ages.