WATCH: Project Veritas Tackles Voter Fraud With New Undercover Video

Much has been made this election season about the possibility of voter fraud.

To be honest, that’s every election for the last few years, but it’s not without good reason.


With reports of the dead registering, lost ballots, people placing multiple votes, and the occasional appearance of creepy clowns at polling places (that’s code for Black Panther operatives, by the way), there is good reason for concern.

James O’Keefe, conservative filmmaker and force behind the now-infamous 2009 undercover ACORN videos, as well the founder of Project Veritas, has set his sights on exposing the voter fraud that liberal courts have said does not happen.

Several states have had their voter ID laws stricken down by those courts, just before this all-important 2016 general election. Most notably in Texas, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.

New undercover video by Project Veritas shows that not only do conservatives fear that voter fraud is an issue, but some Democrats admit to it, as well.

Then there are those who don’t outwardly encourage fraud, but at least are willing to look away if something unsavory is happening behind the scenes.


And this is the corruption that is poisoning our entire system of voting, but until we do something about the courts, the people are on their own.

While there are some who do have a question about O’Keefe’s methods and reliability, he’s not the first, or even the loudest to bring attention to the matter.
We need solutions, and it is absolutely a bipartisan concern.


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