Trump Campaign Manager: Trump Saved GOP From Becoming Party of Elites

Because the Trump camp is made up completely of reality-impaired chuckleheads.

Kellyanne Conway, the ridiculous clown princess, who currently serves as Trump’s campaign manager, is making the most ludicrous of claims.


“You need to look no further than our last couple presidential nominees. So I think this party was veering dangerously close to being the party of the elites, and yet Donald Trump is really giving voice to the workers,” Conway said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.”

Yes, because nominating a crass, boorish, Manhattan billionaire, who donates large sums to politicians, in order to gain influence makes him a real “man of the people.”

While Trump has drawn some new voters to his campaign, his bombastic rhetoric, controversial policy positions and checkered history have chased away many others. More than a quarter of Republican senators, congressmen and governors do not endorse the Manhattan billionaire and a recent poll shows him tied with Democrat Hillary Clinton and independent conservative Evan McMullin in Utah, one of the country’s most reliably Republican states.

Conway went on to complain about those politicians who have sought to distance themselves from Trump, in light of his recently revealed misogynistic, elitist comments, in regards to the treatment of women, at the hands of “stars,” such as himself.


It’s a disturbing trend that begins with Trump and his camp, and extends to those who have become dulled in their senses to anything resembling common decency, by their association with this vile campaign:

Accept what is morally reprehensible and punish anyone who objects.

While the GOP had become tone-deaf to those who kept them in their position, by virtue of their vote, that didn’t necessarily make them elitists. With someone like Trump as the head of the party, not only did they draw closer to being a party of elites, but also, a party that embodies every low and base element that is the worst of man.

Great job, GOP.


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