BREAKING: Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly Dead, at 92

For as much as I detested her last days as another Trump Train clinger, the woman has had an impressive career of conservative activism.

She was the leader of the Stop the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) movement of the 70s, as she saw radical feminism and activist judges a growing threat to the family and American society, as a whole.


In this, she was ahead of her time, and her fears were realized when her efforts fell short.

She served as a defense analyst in the days before the Cold War, and founded the Eagle Forum, a conservative interest group in 1972.

She became one of the most prominent pro-family activists in the resurgent Religious Right throughout the 1980s and 90s.

“Her focus from her earliest days until her final ones was protecting the family, which she understood as the building block of life. She recognized America as the greatest political embodiment of those values. From military superiority and defense to immigration and trade; from unborn life to the nuclear family and parenthood, Phyllis Schlafly was a courageous and articulate voice for common sense and traditional values,” the Eagle Forum said.

She is survived by six children, 16 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

She was a true icon of what an intelligent, motivated, powerful woman could accomplish.

And she did it all without burning a single bra in public.

Rest in peace, and every comfort to her loved ones.


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